This Sweet Rescue Dog Bunny Hopping Through Life Will Brighten Your Day


Providing a home to a shelter dog is something truly amazing. The power of love they give is just surreal, and the moment they realize they’re finally free – that’s just beyond words!

Beckett, the rescue dog, is here to testify how transformative love can be. He was a traumatized, startled doggo back then, but with some patience and, most importantly, plenty of love – he transformed into the sweetest canine!

The moment this little mutt realizes he’s finally in the right place will captivate your heart and make your day instantly better!

From An Insecure Pup To The Bounciest Doggo Ever

Dog on the forest path
Source: @beckettdemonfloof

For some reason, Beckett was afraid of people and other doggos. He was surrendered to a shelter as an extremely timid boi, but that didn’t stop his current momma from falling in love with him!

“I saw a picture of Beckett on a rescue site and I had the strangest reaction. I got goosebumps over my entire body,” says his mom.

From the moment she laid eyes on Beckett, his mom was in love. With his ridiculous proportions and just the most striking eyes ever, he’s a visual delight to everyone

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She makes sure that Beckett gets all the love he has always deserved, and in just a few short months – he reciprocated!

Beckett blossomed into the bounciest dog in the world once he realized he was finally safe with his new momma. 

He started doing the sweetest bunny hops whenever she took him outside, and considering his tiny proportions – it was hilarious!

“He does these huge hops and, I always said he was part bunny, but I don’t know where that comes from. We go hiking every single day. He doesn’t care about toys, he doesn’t care about anything inside. He just wants to be outside,” says Beckett’s momma.

He’s A Magic Dog

cute dog sitting on a house floor
Source: @beckettdemonfloof

One day, a little girl approached Beckett and his mom, saying that he looks like a magic dog. That was the moment she realized how truly beautiful saving a dog can be, as it took only love and dedication to make Beckett “a poster dog for rescuing.”

“Everybody stops to ask what breed he is and if I tell them he was a dog that was rescued and had a rough start, and now he’s this incredible dog and they see how happy he is, I think maybe he makes people think that rescuing is a good thing,” she says.

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Even though he’s “just a rescue dog,” Beckett has very powerful DNA. Okay, he’s just 7% Husky, but he’s got the breed’s eyes and, most importantly, he talks like one!

Beckett’s talking is non-stop and it makes his mom howl with laughter! He has this unique way of responding with the Huskiest talk ever! The three other main things he is are Chow Chow, Pomeranian, and American Eskimo.

dog in rainforest
Source: @beckettdemonfloof

His unique DNA, the unusual look, and just the most cheerful personality ever are the main reasons why Beckett is so special. He takes everyday hikes with his mom and makes her days like the sweetest lovebug he is.

We really hope these two will share many more adventures in the years to come and create memories for a lifetime!

You can keep up with Beckett on his official Instagram!