A Homeless Teenager Is Forced To Surrender His Dog To The Shelter So She Could Have A Chance


Don’t judge them. 

They were like you, and someday, you might end up being like them.

Homeless people aren’t homeless by choice. No one wants the uncertainty of each new day. No one wants to wonder when their next meal would be. 

No one wants to live under a bridge. 

One of those unfortunate people is the true hero of today’s story. 

At only 17, he’s more mature than some adults.

At only 17, he knew what was right and what was not.

And, he knew he had to do the biggest selfless act and save his only friend.

Jada, The Pup That Broke Our Hearts

dog lying on the shelter floor
Source: Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter

The Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter was full. They were rejecting newcomers for a while because they had no resources to take care of them. It was the ugly truth, but that was the way things were at the moment. 

However, when one pup and her owner came in, the staff couldn’t say no to them. They couldn’t shatter their already-broken hearts into tiny bits. 

It was the toughest decision this young boy had ever made. He was only 17, and he already knew what the right thing was to do, despite the fact it was killing him. 

The 17-year-old homeless boy found shelter under a bridge in Senatobia, Mississippi. It wasn’t much, but it was something. At least he wasn’t out in the rain. 

But, it still wasn’t a decent life… not for the young man, and not for his pup. 

Ever since she was a tiny critter, Jada, the Rottweiler German Shepherd mix, knew who her one true friend was. This sweet, four-month-old girl always stood by his side for mutual protection, love, and support.

dog named jada lying on the floor
Source: iheartdogs

Still, a dog can’t survive only on love and understanding.

A dog needs food, and that’s what the young man couldn’t provide.

He was already starving, without enough food to even feed himself, let alone his growing dog. 

The only rational thing to do before they both starved to death was to surrender Jada to a local animal shelter, hoping they would take good care of her. 

He came in with a garbage bag full of Jada’s food and her blanket. He gave everything he had to that dog. 

“He told the dog to stay outside, and she just sat down,” Robinson, acting director of the shelter, told The Dodo. “He came in and said, ‘I’m wondering if you could take my dog.’”

The entire staff of Senatobia Animal Shelter felt incredible sadness after hearing his story.

“My heart broke for him. He was clearly saddened by having to bring his dog up here,” Kris Robinson said. “She was kind of clinging to him around his legs. Every time he would move, she would move. She has bonded with him.”

The farewell was brief, just like when you take off a BandAid. 

As soon as her only friend left the room, Jada fell on the floor, completely broken. 

“She climbed up on one of the chairs and looked out the window,” Robinson said. “I went in the back to do some cleaning and when I checked on her, I saw her just laying there with her food.”

Sadness hit this sweet girl hard, not allowing her to stand up. She just stayed there next to her stuff, inhaling the air she once breathed with her owner and trying not to forget his scent.

Could There Be A Happy Ending?

dog sitting in a chair
Source: The Dodo

The photo of Jada lying helplessly on the ground right next to her stuff went viral within just a few days. The help came pouring in. Everyone wanted to be useful and offer their help to the boy, his dog, and the shelter. 

After some time that was spent tracking down the young man, success finally came. The Senatobia community found him and help was on his way. 

This is a small area, so whenever someone needs help, the church, the good people, and the donators all pitch in and do their best to provide food and shelter. 

Luckily, for the boy and Jada, their separation had an expiration date. 

According to Senatobia-Tate Center Animal Shelter, the boy got a place to stay! He was getting his life sorted out, and it was a matter of days before he was reunited with his only friend.

“She ran up to him and jumped up on him,” Robinson said. “He was just loving on her, and had a big ol’ smile on his face.”

This story could’ve easily ended up badly. The boy could’ve ditched Jada anywhere on the streets, without caring what would happen to her. 

Instead, he showed something you don’t get to see a lot these days: incredible courage and selflessness. 

The boy’s act of unbelievable kindness paid back big time. His life was finally on the right track.

“He’s getting his high school stuff in order and then he’s going to take some classes at a local city college, and go to the dentist — things he’s never done,” Robinson said.

You do good and good will come to you.