An Abandoned Dog Spent A Month Waiting, Hoping His Family Would Come Back For Him


Canines are the most loyal companions we could ever wish for. We love them unconditionally and consider them important members of our family.

Seeing that so many dogs are abandoned by their owners breaks my heart. Nobody deserves to be betrayed like that. 

Salvatore was betrayed, too. His family abandoned him and left him waiting in their family yard. 

Let’s see how his story unfolds.

Waiting For His Family

dog on the grass in yard
Source: Everglades Angels Dog Rescue

Salvatore was abandoned in Florida in the summer of 2022. His owners moved out and left him to fend for himself. Loyal Salvatore couldn’t understand what happened. He strongly believed his owners would come back. He was guarding the house and waiting for his family in the yard.

Weeks passed and nobody came. He felt sad, but his hope didn’t waver. Seeing him waiting for his owners, day after day, left his neighbors brokenhearted

They reached out to Everglades Angels Dog Rescue and explained that there was an abandoned dog waiting in his family’s yard.

The neighbors said that he was a good pet and that he was great with the couple’s two children. 

Gloria Cabal, a dog rescuer at Everglades Angels Dog Rescue, came to rescue Salvatore.

She did her best to convince him to come with her. She brought him water and food, but the pooch refused to leave his yard.

Cabal didn’t give up, and she was watching over him every day for a month trying to win his trust.

“There were so many obstacles put in her path, but her compassion, strength and determination prevailed,” the rescue wrote on their Facebook.

Salvatore Gets Rescued

dog in his box
Source: Everglades Angels Dog Rescue

After a realtor chased him away, Salvatore approached Cabal and she took him to the rescue.

When he came to the Everglades Angels Dog Rescue, in August 2022, Salvatore had a full veterinarian checkup. His broken teeth were fixed and he received his vaccines.

In the beginning, Salvatore was nervous and his eyes were filled with sadness. The rescue staff cheered him up. They showered him with kindness and affection, and soon he felt safe and his face lit up.

Surrounded by wonderful people, Salvatore transformed. He wasn’t the same pup who was distrustful of strangers. Now, he enjoys interacting with people and he turned into a love bug. He loves cuddling, and he often jumps on the bed to ask for pets.

The rescue employees couldn’t believe that a lovely and friendly dog like Salvatore had been abandoned.

“He is a volunteer favorite,” said Denise Guevara, a coordinator of Everglades Angels Dog Rescue.

A Loving Family He Deserved

beautiful dog standing
Source: Everglades Angels Dog Rescue

All the volunteers knew that they would miss Salvatore very much when he gets adopted. Soon, that day came. It was the happiest day of Salvatore’s life.

In October 2022, he moved in with his forever family. The rescue’s spokesperson said that his family was wonderful. In 2021, their American Bulldog passed away. 

Salvatore’s new family gave him all their love and promised to cherish him forever. He will never feel sad again.