Dog With Terrible Dreadlocks Gets The Most Amazing Makeover Ever


Being properly groomed is the right of every dog. No one really demands fancy haircuts or intricate designs. All dogs just want to be clean and tidy. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Well, for one dog, basic needs were not something familiar. He was left alone and in terrible condition, with hope dripping away from his paws.

This is the story about a dog that got a brand new haircut and a fresh start in life. After all… we all feel like brand new people when we get our hair done, don’t we?

Helping Hands To The Rescue

shaggy neglected dog
Source: YouTube

When dog lovers and rescuers see a dog in need, they have to react immediately. That’s what happened one day during a stroll through the neighborhood. Rescuers spotted a dog on the street in terrible condition. They knew they had to bring him along or else he wouldn’t make it.

One of the neighbors said the dog was left there on the street two weeks ago by his owner. He has been standing there waiting for his people to come back and say they were joking, and that he can come home now.

The rescuers took the poor pup with them, promising him a happy ending and relief to all of his problems. The dog didn’t put up any resistance, as if he knew everything would turn out to be okay with him.

A Grooming Experience He’ll Never Forget

the vet lies on the suction table
Source: YouTube

Being the good boy as he is, the pup waited patiently for the groomer to finish up his magic. He had a thick, wooly coat that turned into dreadlocks, thanks to many years of neglect and no grooming at all. 

“Good behavior is making all this process much, much easier. Thank you, little gentleman.” said the team behind Groom House.

Unfortunately, they did encounter an unpleasant surprise hiding under all those dreadlocks and the matted coat. The dog’s skin was in terrible condition… dry, flaky, and infested with parasites.

a veterinarian cuts a shaggy dog's hair
Source: YouTube

As the groomer worked his way with the clippers, the dog started getting a glimpse of his new look. The toughest part was definitely the dog’s tail, but the nimble hands of the groomer handled it all.

The poor pup had a radiating smile all throughout the grooming process, as if he wanted to tell everyone how happy he felt.

the vet removes the hair from the dog's tail
Source: YouTube

As the couple groomed his legs, they noticed that his front left paw was deformed. That’s why the dog couldn’t run away from the place he was left at. He was born with this deformation and there was nothing they could do about it. 

Now, it was time for the part of the grooming process that most dogs hate… the bath. But, as you can imagine, this wasn’t an ordinary dog. He actually enjoyed the warm water, the massaging fingers, and the antiparasitic bath. 

He felt like a brand new dog, and he even gave his groomer a paw to shake as a way to say thank you. 

a freshly bathed dog gives its owner a paw
Source: YouTube

The pup received the full treatment. His nails were cut, too, and his hair was styled like he was a fancy pooch. 

During the entire process, the pup showed nothing but gratitude and excitement to be rescued. After all… he lost so much hair that we can only assume how difficult it was for him to live with such a suit of armor. 

the vet petting the dog
Source: YouTube

The video of the dreadlock dog’s full transformation can be seen here:

What Happened Next?

But, what happened in the end? Did the poor, lost pup get more than a brand new haircut?

The update soon followed.

The couple that rescued the dog, a husband named Mladen, and a wife named Alexandra, post regularly on their grooming channel on YouTube. They’re veterinary students and groomers from Novi Sad, Serbia, who often take care of pups in need.

When they reached the dreadlock dog, there was no owner in sight. No one knew where his old house was. Since no one claimed him, the pup was safe to be adopted by a loving lady. He was healthy, happy, and living his best life.

But, the surprises don’t end there. What the couple didn’t show us in the first video is that there were two more dogs there on the spot.

dogs are walking in the field
Source: YouTube

Fortunately, all three dogs were rescued and in good condition after thorough grooming, and they all got their furever home. They now live a normal, happy life as shepherd dogs with sheeps and cows, and they’re very much loving it.

Thanks to their docile and friendly nature, the dogs were able to fit into their new lifestyle.

You know how they say dogs go to live on a big farm in the countryside? Well, that’s really not a figure of speech in this case. These dogs really did get the farm life of their dreams… something they absolutely deserved.

Mladen and Aleksandra post all kinds of grooming videos on their YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe in order to see more incredible transformations.