A Very Unique-Looking Dog Helps His Owner Conquer A Difficult Life Period


It sure is a common thing that in the eyes of every pet owner, their pet is the most special, prettiest, and best animal in the whole wide world.

However, I think we can all agree that the dog we are going to meet today sure does look unique and quite interesting.

A Very Unique Dog

Dog with funny face
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When Tiffany Goossen saw a picture of a puppy who looked as if she had come out of a cartoon, she knew she had to go and meet her.

And, as soon as she did, she knew it was meant to be.

“I just knew she was mine, like, right away. It’s kind of like when you fall in love, you know, you just know,” said Tiffany.

dog with weird eyes
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Tiffany was informed that the pup was blind and abandoned, living all alone on the streets in quite harsh conditions.

Kids, drunk people were throwing rocks at her and stuff.

Not being able to understand how somebody could treat this pup that way, Tiffany decided that she had to adopt her.

owner with her unique looking dor
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New Life

As soon as this pup, now named Kila, found out about the charms of living a life surrounded by love, she let go of her old life and embraced the new, better one.

She’s the sweetest thing, you know, she doesn’t let the fact that she’s blind or that she’d been abused as a puppy, like, make her mad at the world or not love anybody.

Kila does not let her blindness define her and she very much enjoys spending her days at the dog park, playing with her furry friends.

funny looking dog
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Even though she doesn’t know which dog she is running after, it doesn’t matter to her as she is not picky. She will play with whoever is around.

She just, like, she knows when there’s life around. And she gets excited and she barks and she wants everyone to know she’s there. So, you know, she gets around fine.

cursed looking dog
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Perfect Timing

Kila really did pick the perfect time to come into her mom’s life. Tiffany felt a bit lost, going between jobs and not feeling like herself.

Since I got her, you know, I just see how she’s happy all the time and how’s she just happy to be alive and how she lives in the moment and it’s a good lesson to learn. I think dogs are wonderful for that reason.

dog and kitten laying together
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Tiffany has also adopted a little kitten who soon became Kila’s best friend.

They love spending their afternoons together, running around the house and then cuddling on the couch, and eventually falling asleep in each other’s paws.

confused looking dog
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Final Word

It’s incredible to think how big of a life lesson an animal can teach us.

Tiffany is constantly reminded that no matter how hard life gets, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop smiling and looking for those little moments that make everything worth it.  

She’s nice all the time for no reason and so I try to live my life like that now. It made me a lot happier.