Family Abandons Their Family Dog Because He Has Allergies


When people adopt dogs, there is a nearly common prejudice against some other breeds because of certain bad stereotypes.

It can be that they are needy, aggressive, or sickly, but the point is that people tend to follow this bad information and will not give an amazing dog a chance because of that.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who was abandoned by his owners because of his unfortunate allergies.

Meet Rocky

beautiful dog in sun
Source: @rocky.aka.wiggles

When Janelle first saw Rocky at the Rhode Island SPCA, she immediately knew that he was the right one.

As soon as they met, the dog stole everyone’s heart and quickly adapted to his new environment.

He seemed to have some form of allergies that she had to address, so she did her best to make things easier for him.

Because Janelle fosters over 20 kittens, it is not an easy task by any means, but Rocky is now there to help her with these tasks.

Despite common misconceptions about his breed, he is a very gentle and caring dog who loves helping others.

Janelle told GeoBeats: I was getting a litter of kittens and anywhere from three to six kittens at a time. And Rocky just loves them. He’s so good with them.

Rocky’s Amazing Personality

dog laying with cat
Source: @rocky.aka.wiggles

Rocky had made many new friends at the house and the family even adopted some of the kittens.

Because Rocky’s appearance is so unique due to his ears and small teeth, he is very irresistible to anyone who meets him. 

Even though he has environmental and food allergies, Janelle has learned to deal with it, which has made him very happy.

She took him to a veterinarian in Rhode Island a couple times, so that they could pinpoint exactly what causes his reactions.

rocky enjoying the sun
Source: @rocky.aka.wiggles

Ever since she adopted Rocky, she hasn’t managed to find the time to go on a vacation. Now that there was a chance, Janelle knew he had to come with her.

She continues by saying: I tell him he’s the best decision I made. He made our family whole and life only gets better with him in it.

And, in the end, this goes to show that it doesn’t matter what breed the dog is… all of them can be our lovable furry friends if we give them a chance.