Watch These Little Girls’ Reaction To Getting A Shelter Dog They Wanted So Much


As children, we all dreamed that our mommy and daddy would get us the cutest little dog or cat to hang out with and cuddle. 

Having a pet is like having a very best friend, where you will remember all the wonderful moments spent with him or her for the rest of your life. 

In today’s story, the Dawn family promised their two little girls they would get them the cutest puppy in the shelter. 

However, mom spoiled their fun by not letting them take home the one they thought was the most adorable. Little did they know that their mommy was just playing games with them. 

They Couldn’t Hide Their Anger And Disappointment

sad little girl
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Ada and Hannah Dawn have always wanted a pet, preferably the sweetest dog they could cuddle and play with.

One day, their parents decided to fulfill their wish, but the girls returned to the car disappointed because they left the shelter without the dog. 

“He is too cuutee,” Ada said on the verge of tears. 

“There will be other puppies,” her mother replied. 

“There won’t be as cute as him,” the older sister, Hannah, replied as she angrily looked out of the car window. 

little girl looking through car window
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Back in the shelter, the girls saw a cute little dog and fell in love with him at first sight. They thought that was it and that he was going with them to a new home right away, but their mother, Julie Dawn, unpleasantly surprised them with a negative answer.

They left the shelter in Logan, and they were about to return to their home while waiting for their daddy, Adam, to return. 

They were so angry and disappointed that they didn’t stop talking about the puppy for those few minutes in the car. Hannah went so far as to tell her mom that she would never forget it and that she would remember this day for the rest of her life.

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“But tomorrow you won’t even remember this dog, and maybe Santa Claus will bring an even cuter one for Christmas,” Mom tried to cheer them up. 

However, when she saw that her girls were slowly losing patience, she decided to reveal the real truth to them. Just like that, the front door of the car opened and Daddy got in with the most pleasant surprise.

From The Tears Of Sadness To The Tears Of Joy

man holding a puppy
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“Hey Buddy, welcome to the family,” Julie said with a big smile on her face while her husband Adam was entering the car with a little pup in his arms. 

Ada and Hannah couldn’t even say anything because of immense happiness when they saw the dog they wanted so much.

“What do you guys think,” Julie asked her speechless daughters. 

Both of them were still mad at their mom, but they couldn’t hide the happy expression on their faces as their dad gave them the puppy for their first cuddle.

two little girls holding a dog
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When mom explained to them that all this was just to see if they really wanted this dog to become a part of the family, they softened a little and hugged mom because they realized that it was for both their and his good.

There are too many dogs that are adopted by irresponsible families who end up not giving them enough love and leaving them on the road. You can’t do a worse thing to your pet.

dog and two girls walking in grass
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However, this family was not one of those, and their best furry friend, whom they symbolically named Buddy, lives the happiest moments in his new home in Logan with the loving people that he truly deserves.