Injured Dog Finally Finds Hope After Being Taken Care Of By Her Rescuers


Niall Harbison is an incredible human being who dedicated his life to saving animals in need.

While on an unbelievable mission to save 10,000 dogs, Niall met a pup who was in need of his help.  

Even though he was, by now, used to taking care of sick and/or injured dogs, this one was special.

Pup In Need  

photo of injured dog lying on concrete
Source: Niall Harbison

Seeing a pup walking around his property, Niall immediately noticed that she was injured. Wanting to assist her wounds as soon as possible, Niall tried to approach the pup, but being too scared, she did not allow him.

“We couldn’t catch her for 10 whole days. A team of five people tried everything, but she was just too scared,” said Niall.

However, the rescue team wasn’t going to give up just yet. They decided to spread out around the camp, ensuring that the pup didn’t leave their sight.

After a couple of failed attempts, they finally managed to capture her.

dog climbing on concrete step
Source: Niall Harbison

We had finally caught this beautiful, scared girl and could get her to safety. She is in a safe place, will get care now and never have to face being attacked again.

Niall decided to name the adorable pupper, Hope, since he claimed that she had none.

Recovery Journey

Niall tended to her wounds immediately and continued to do so every day. He also showered her with love, which helped her body heal quicker; however, Hope’s spirit was still down.

For weeks, she would stare at the wall. She [wouldn’t] move. She’d barely eat or go to the toilet. I knew it was going to take a long time…

dog on a leash standing in yard
Source: Niall Harbison

Niall and his team decided to be patient with the pup, hoping that over time, her true personality would shine through.

And, they were right!

With the help of McMuffin and some puppies, and lots of patience, training and love, she got her confidence back. All she needed was time.

Hope finally felt like her good old self, playing with other rescue pups as well as running around Niall’s camp.

However, there was one thing that this happy puppy was missing – a loving home.

happy dog lying on concrete
Source: Niall Harbison

New Life

A woman named Steff decided to visit Niall’s camp one day, wanting to meet all the dogs that were in his care.

And, as she was greeting all of the sweet pups, she met one who completely stole her heart – Hope.

As soon as the two met, Hope knew that this was her person. She gave her a kiss and immediately rolled over, asking for some belly rubs, to which Steff happily obliged.

dog lying in bed
Source: Niall Harbison

Steff knew that she had to have Hope in her life, so she got her a collar and a leash and proudly walked her off of Niall’s camp four months after she arrived.

Niall was overjoyed when he saw the huge smile Hope had on her face after she realized that she finally found herself a forever home.

The happy pup had no issues settling into her new home, leaving her past behind and embracing her new life filled with nothing but love and happiness.

photo of a dog sitting
Source: Niall Harbison