Sweet Puppy Abandoned Outside The Shelter Rejoices When He Finds His Forever Home


There are many instances where neglectful owners get rid of their dogs by just leaving them on the street or in a shelter, where their life suddenly changes completely.

However, not every case is negative. When you think about it, almost all of them were likely saved from years of abuse when they were left and they might find someone better.

While this is not always guaranteed, it’s probably better than suffering under the hands of someone who doesn’t want you.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who was abandoned outside a shelter and it turned out to be one of the best things that happened to him.

Mackey’s Story

the dog lies on the woman's stomach
Source: @mackeytheshepsky

When Mackey was first found outside of a shelter in California, workers there took him in quickly and without thinking.

Luckily, for him, his new owner, Haley, was interested in adopting a dog and fell in love with Mackey the moment she laid eyes on him.

Two days later, the adoption was finalized and this sweet puppy was now going to live a beautiful life with his new family at their home in California.

After adopting him, Haley realized something fascinating about his appearance. 

She told GeoBeats Animals: He has German Shepherd colored hair and then he has the Husky bright blue piercing eyes and a Husky body structure and a very Husky personality.

Cute dog with blue eyes
Source: @mackeytheshepsky

Realizing that Mackey was going to be a big dog, she and her boyfriend were a bit concerned that they wouldn’t do a great job because they never took care of a big animal.

However, that was not the case, as Mackey just fit in with them perfectly and they always get along so well.

One of his favorite activities is when he is cuddled by his mom and dad, who just can’t say no to his adorable eyes. They would spend hours laying on the couch and relaxing.

Haley said: He’s also really smart. He knows how to get away with things. He learned how to open doors.

Whenever the couple brings up a trip to grandma or grandpa, Mackey just gets so excited that he will start running a lot.

Mackey’s DNA Test

the dog is sitting on the beach and looking at the camera
Source: @mackeytheshepsky

Another interesting activity that he enjoys is going to the beach. At first, he was a bit scared of the water, but after getting accustomed to it, he now enjoys it very much.

That made his parents wonder one thing. Because of his uniqueness, the couple decided to perform a DNA test, so they can be finally certain as to what he is.

Most people just believe that he is a Shepherd Husky, but they wanted to be sure.

Haley said: He has a bunch of Chow in him and I think that’s what’s keeping him around the 50 pound mark instead of being a little bit bigger. He also had a whole bunch of other breeds.

He had Malamute, Pitbull and Rottweiler and then Shepherd, Husky and Chow. And then the rest of it was just Mutt.

a man and a woman hugged a dog
Source: @robandhaley and @mackeytheshepsky

Ever since adopting him, their life has changed for the better very much. Mackey has been there for them every step of the way.

He recognizes when his mom and dad are upset, and he will try to comfort them like a true friend.

After being with them for so long and going through so much, the couple just can’t imagine their life without him.

Haley ends by saying: He’s the perfect dog for us. I love him more than he could imagine. And in dog terms, I love him more than he loves all the treats in the world.