A Miracle Occurred Just In Time To Save An Injured Dog From Euthanasia


All dogs deserve a chance to live their lives around a family that will love them no matter what. However, many of them don’t get that privilege, and they end up facing a fatal destiny.

Each year, approximately 390,000 canines are euthanized, according to ASPCA statistics. Among them, dogs with disabilities are first in line, as a lot of owners cannot afford to pay for the necessary treatments, or else they simply do not want to deal with it.

Kora, a Great Pyrenees from North Carolina, was about to face the same destiny. 

This pawdorable girl was hit by a truck, and her owners couldn’t afford to keep her, so they decided to euthanize her… until one of the vets decided to intervene!

From Hit By A Truck To A Furever Home

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Kora’s first family wanted to utilize her as a farm dog, but all that changed when she was hit by a truck. 

At the time, they didn’t know what the extent of her trauma was or the costs of her treatment, so they made the most difficult decision in their life – setting a euthanasia appointment at the vet clinic.

“They knew that not only financially would it be hard for them to keep her, but they needed a pup that could work at their farm,” says Aly.

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Despite her day off, Aly, one of the veterinarians at North Carolina Vet Clinic, rushed over to meet the dog who was about to be euthanized, and she immediately fell in love.

Even though she was facing a horrible destiny, Kora was still wagging her tail and smiling at everyone, which made Aly want to adopt her right off the bat!

When she presented the idea to her owners, they were more than happy to surrender Kora to her, as they didn’t want to put her down in the first place, but they didn’t have any other choice. 

From that moment on, Aly dedicated herself to improving Kora’s condition – against all odds!

Transforming Into The Gentlest Family Dog Ever

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Kora ended up having extensive surgery. She was transferred to orthopedic surgeons who did their absolute best to save her leg. Still, this sweet girl had to be monitored at the hospital for a week, so Aly didn’t want to rush things.

Kora was regularly checked up by Aly’s colleagues, and she had to take a lot of medications, but it was worth it! At last, this sweet girl left the hospital, and for the first time ever she entered her new home!

This was the first time for Kora to see the inside of a house, as she was an outdoor dog her entire life.

“She was an outdoor only dog. They told us she has never stepped foot inside before. We had no idea what to expect, but it was very apparent she is getting along with everyone. She adores our cats, she’s very gentle with them,” says Aly.

dog named kora sleeping next to a cat
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Just like that – Kora got a big family of canine and feline friends, and she loved it! Even though she never had a chance to live inside before, she adapted amazingly and became the sweetest girl in the world!

Despite her adventurous spirit, she always acts so gently around her smaller buddies, and it seems that she’s everyone’s favorite, too! 

Her cat siblings love to cuddle up against her cozy fur, while the other doggos enjoy the quirky play time with Kora in the back yard! 

She reciprocates everyone’s love, and sometimes she’s the one who makes everyone howl in laughter! For instance, she didn’t get many treats before, so now she makes the most hilarious sound every time her mom gives her one!

“She didn’t get a lot of treats in the beginning of her life, because she was on a lot of medications… It’s called the flehmen response. She’s having that food excitement and aerating it across her palette,” she says.

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Source: @wackdog_

She really was the missing piece of the puzzle this entire time, as with Kora in the house – everyone’s so much happier!

Once a girl facing unjustifiable euthanasia, Kora’s now the happiest doggo in the world!