This Kind Dog Protected Small Puppies From Harm Until Rescuers Stepped In To Help


We’ve known for a long time that a dog’s empathy does not extend to just humans, but also to others of their kind, or even random animals in need.

They are quick to help anyone who wants it, and ask nothing in return. Why? Because they are just that amazing, that’s why.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who adopted a lot of small puppies and decided to take care of them on his own.

A Sweet Surprise

stray dog in a parking lot
Source: Leslie Hennings via The Dodo

During one of her chore runs, a random woman stopped to see a dog in a Texas parking lot. This came as a huge surprise because it seemed like he was protecting small puppies behind him.

She also had no idea that the dog was a male, and not related to the small pups in any way.

Animal rescuer, Leslie Hennings, was on the scene pretty quickly, and she said that it’s not uncommon for stray dogs to take care of younger ones.

She told The Dodo: There’s a lot of dog fights among strays because of food. They’re just starving.

To help the puppies and shield them from any potential harm, the senior dog stands in front of them and tries to act dangerous.

scared stray dog lying under a car
Source: Leslie Hennings via The Dodo

Hennings continued by saying: He was putting up a brave front [as if to say], ‘No one’s gonna touch my puppies. But when it was time [to go], he hid under a car and didn’t want to come out.

After spending some time trying to catch them in the parking lot, she was successful and took them to her home.

Frightened, But Optimistic

photo of a stray dog sleeping next to his litter
Source: Leslie Hennings via The Dodo

While there, they waited for their opportunity to be moved to an appropriate foster care. Because the woman had no fence on her property, it was hard to keep the puppies in one place.

They tried to leave on several occasions. She said: The puppies wouldn’t stay. They would escape, and the dad would just bring them back.

Some time had passed and Hennings called for help from White Rock Dog Rescue, in Texas. 

They came and took the puppies to their new foster homes where they will wait for someone to adopt them.

Even though it’s pretty clear that they will never all be adopted together, the puppies are grateful for the protection and kindness that they received from the senior dog.

If this story can teach us anything, it’s that dogs are awesome, and they will do anything to take care of the younger ones in their pack.