This Poor Dog Lived In Chains For Years Before Someone Came To Rescue Her


Dogs… incredibly loyal beings.

They did nothing to deserve living on the chain. No living being deserves to experience such cruelty. 

Sadly, there are still parts of this world where keeping a dog chained is socially acceptable and considered normal.

But, nothing is normal with this type of care.

How would you feel if someone chained you up so you had only a couple of feet to move around? How would you feel when freedom laughs at your face, and you can’t reach it because your chain is too short?

How would you feel if your entire world was limited to a chain and a wrecked dog house?

I know how a sweet little Poodle felt. I know the poor dog was devastated.

But, I also know he never lost his faith in humanity. He never lost hope that someday, his saviors would come. 

The day finally arrived, and the once forgotten Poodle finally felt like he was being treated like a living being.

Goodbye Old Ball And Chain

black poodle dog on a chain
Source: DogsTube

You’d expect from a dog that has been chained up for years to react in fear, possibly even aggression. He wasn’t used to being treated with kindness. He wasn’t used to being approached by humans at all!

You can tell that by the conditions this poor Poodle lived in: an empty, dirty pan meant for food that wasn’t filled up for God only knows how long, a short chain, and some ruins that appeared to serve as a place to hide.

This Poodle was a living mess living in a mess. It was tragic! 

black poodle dog on a chain
Source: DogsTube

If the rescuers had not shown up, who knows what would’ve happened to the poor pup. 

Surprisingly, the pup greeted them with a huge smile on his face as if he knew his life was about to change.

The rescuers even talked to the man who was holding the dog chained up, and he agreed to surrender it to them. He didn’t really care what would happen to the dog.

Fortunately, all good things were waiting for the Poodle boy. 

The people who saved him from the terrible life on the chain immediately started taking care of the pup. They gave him a nice, thorough wash, and made sure he was checked up by their vet. 

woman bathing poodle dog rescued from chain
Source: DogsTube

Despite his brutal living conditions, the dog was actually fine and looking forward to any new living arrangement. 

Anything would be better than the life on the chain. 

This Poodle boy was fortunate enough to receive a new start. Some pups don’t get that kind of chance.

Please, if you ever see a dog chained up in someone’s yard, make sure you contact the authorities. They will do a background check and inspect why the dog is being treated that way. That’s the least you can do. 

I know this will sound harsh, but we dog lovers wish the people that chain up dogs get to experience the same misery they put their dogs through. That’s the least we can wish for.