A Loyal Pup Abandoned By His Family Spent A Year Hoping They Would Come Back For Him


Dogs are the epitome of faithfulness and unconditional love. They are our family members who are with us for better or worse, and we can’t picture our life without them. We love them with all our heart.

Despite being worthy of infinite love, some canines end up betrayed by their heartless owners who abandon them without looking back.

Our following story is about a faithful dog named Oscar, who once had a carefree life alongside his owners.

He felt loved and he was sure that his family would never abandon him until one day, he found himself all alone on the street.

Oscar Doesn’t Lose Hope

close-up photo of abandoned dog
Source: Love Furry Friends

Oscar couldn’t have imagined that his owners would move away without him. The faithful pup kept waiting for them and he expected to see their loving faces again. 

Neighbors felt compassion toward the abandoned canine and they fed him every day, but no one adopted him.

His neighbor’s cats were Oscar’s only friends. They made sure the delightful dog didn’t feel lonely.

Even though he had been waiting on the roadside for a year, he didn’t lose hope of reuniting with his owner. His tail was still wagging.

The Loyal Pooch Gets Rescued

sad dog in the street with a cat
Source: Love Furry Friends

Luckily, the rescuers heard about Oscar’s situation and came to meet him. They were determined to change his life. Oscar was glad to see them and he welcomed them with a big smile on his face. 

They took him to the vet clinic for a thorough checkup. Oscar was diagnosed with parasites and he was given the necessary treatment. The vet made sure the pup was up to date with his vaccines.

photo of a happy dog
Source: Love Furry Friends

His rescuers gave him a makeover at a beauty salon. The sweet canine seemed to enjoy his relaxing bath. His eyes were filled with gratitude towards his caregivers. After the groomer trimmed his fur, Oscar turned into a handsome pup.

His friends took him to a photoshoot, and Oscar couldn’t stop smiling as he posed for the photos. The doggo’s eyes sparkled with joy. 

After his rescuers posted his story on social media, many people were moved by the pup’s story and they wished to help him. 

The Happiest Chapter Of His Life

two dogs lying in the sunshine
Source: Love Furry Friends

Shortly after, a great family contacted Oscar’s rescuers, saying that they would like to adopt him. They fell in love with him and they couldn’t wait to give him the best possible life.

Oscar was happy to move into his forever home and he instantly bonded with his new family who showered him with love. The pooch feels loved and safe, knowing that his new parents will never abandon him. 

He has a doggy sibling, and the two of them like playing with their toys and relaxing on the couch.

I’m thrilled that the faithful doggo found the happiness and love that he deserved. 

Huge thanks to the compassionate team of rescuers and the good people who helped Oscar get his happy ending.