Woman In Shock To Discover The Real Identity Of A Stuffed Animal Found Next To A Road


Why is it that every time I’m rushing somewhere, something big happens?

Just the other day, I was super late for my dental appointment, and then I saw a pup in need, all alone in a busy parking lot. 

Of course, I called in to cancel at the last minute, and drove the poor thing to the vet and then our local shelter. She’s doing fine now, thanks to my prompt reaction and a dose of antibiotics.

I bet Genia Goodin felt the same way when she was running late to pick up her son from practice. Right there at the park where her son was practicing basketball, there was something unusual. 

Next to an abandoned basketball on the court was something else abandoned. 

Is that a stuffed animal toy? Did some of his friends forget it? 

When Genia came closer, she realized that the stuffed animal toy wasn’t a toy at all.

It was moving!

But, what was it?

Surprise, It’s A Polar Bear

cute white puppy
Source: @geniagoodin

I’m just kidding. It wasn’t really a polar bear, but it sure was a white puppy that immediately got named, Polar Bear Puppy. 

Without any hesitation, Genia picked up the puppy and decided to take him home. The poor thing was very scared and alone. He needed help… desperately.

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Back at home, after posting her finding online, Genia learned that someone actually left the puppy at the park intentionally. The little one was abandoned. No one was looking for him, and he wouldn’t be missed.

Genia did the only logical thing that was left to do: she brought the pup to the vet to treat him for lice and fleas, as well as an eye infection.

One puppy step at a time and the Polar Bear Puppy was starting to heal. He was feeling much better, and even looking like a brand-new dog.

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All that was left to do was wait until the little one completely recovered. Genia and her family were so thrilled to have him around that they decided to keep him for good.

The Rainbow Bridge

dog laying on the floor
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Sadly, the happiness and the excitement around the new puppy did not last for long. The Polar Bear puppy didn’t make it.

It wasn’t the fact that he was malnourished, suffering from infections, or anything like that.

His crossing the rainbow bridge happened by a terrible accident, but it’s something we can all learn from. 

“We went out of town for one night. He wasn’t home alone as our 20-year-old nephew lives with us and was home.

My mom visited the house around 11pm to let our dogs out to use the bathroom. Our nephew was then home for the night and last seen him around 2am. But when he woke up, polar bear was dead. There was blood coming out of his mouth. It’s been determined that he got a bone stuck in his throat that ultimately blocked his airway.

I am very sad about this. If you have followed his story at all, then you know how much I cared about him. We planned to keep him forever. I don’t understand how these things happen and never thought I was putting him in danger by allowing him to have bones or toys to chew on. I will offer advice for all of you who love your pets, please don’t let them have these things if you aren’t home watching them closely.”, said Genia in an official statement on Instagram. 

Genia said it well: don’t allow your dogs to chew on bones. 

Although it’s a common misconception that dogs love bones, they shouldn’t have them. Bones can come apart into splinters and cause severe injuries. In Polar Bear’s case, he probably choked on a small piece of bone that obstructed his airway. 

I’m sorry that Polar Bear’s story had a sad ending. He’s in a better place now. I hope you’ll learn something from this story, and watch carefully what your dog, especially your puppy, chews on.

In the puppyhood stage, everything is a potential choking hazard, from a destroyed toy to a larger chunk of food.