Dog Who Was Abused By Previous Owners Finally Lives A Life She Deserves


For some dogs, every day is a battle! 

Instead of getting a warm, cozy home and nothing but pure friendship from their hoomans, many canines have a rough start in life. And, some of them never even get the chance to learn what true love feels like.

Molly was on that cruel path, too.

Her family tried to get rid of her in the cruelest way possible, but Molly miraculously survived. She escaped her old life at the last minute, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Molly’s Sad Backstory

photo of a white dog
Source: Sidewalk Specials

After three failed attempts to get rid of their female dog, Molly, for good – her cruel family dumped her at the Sidewalk Specials facility. They definitely wanted Molly to be gone, but luckily, this girl endured long enough until the good people of SS showed her mercy.

She was in terrible shape. Molly suffered from mange, and on top of all that – she was extremely abused and neglected. Never, ever in her life did she have a restful moment, and apparently, some rest was all Molly needed! 

dog lying in a chair
Source: Sidewalk Specials

When she was first brought to the facility, she showed no signs of aggression or fear. She was very exhausted and completely surrendered into her caregivers’ arms. But then, right after her initial checkup – Molly fell asleep. 

She passed out so quickly and started snoring, as if the peaceful sleep was all she needed this entire time.

Her rescuer posted a video getting a cozy nap for the first time ever, writing: “Having her first ‘safe at last’ sleep!”

After all the abuse she has been through, Molly was finally safe. And, now it was her time to shine! 

This 7-year-old girl immediately warmed up to people and started exhibiting her true self. Underneath her wounds, there was a lovely girl that showered everyone with love and gentleness. 

“Molly remains gentle, trusting and loyal Seven years +, sterilized and healthy apart from non contagious mange, Molly gets on with two and four legs alike,” they wrote.

From Cruelty To A Brand-New Home

photo of a sad dog
Source: Sidewalk Specials

Once she finally got back on her paws, the SS team decided to put Molly up for adoption. She was so kind and friendly, and she definitely craved a family who would show her love.

The SS team announced on their social media that Molly’s finally ready to go into a furever home. 

They knew Molly’s adoption would be a long shot due to her ongoing mange problem, so they didn’t get their hopes up. But then, on the very adoption day, a miracle happened!

dog lying next to a couch
Source: Sidewalk Specials 

Five different families showed up at the spot just for Molly. After reading her story, they fell in love with this girl in a heartbeat and decided to provide her with a loving home.

“Turns out five whole families traveled to apply for her- to make sure she got to live out the rest of her years surrounded by love,” the SS team wrote.

After thorough consideration, the SS team decided to adopt her out into an amazing family who already had a dog. They thought they would be the perfect match, considering that Molly just loved the company of other canines. 

close-up photo of a white fluffy dog
Source: Sidewalk Specials

And, boi were they right! It took Molly only days to acclimate into the new environment – and become the family princess!

She had an amazing transformation around her new pawrents who provided her with nothing but love. Molly became the sweetest, friendliest lovebug who had enough room in her heart for everyone.

She absolutely loves every single thing about her new life – and now, she’s happier than ever! Once an abused dog only days away from the point of no return, Molly’s now shining bright like a diamond!