Terrified Pup Who Kept Hiding Under A Chair And Trembling Uncontrollably Starts Discovering Love


My heart sinks whenever I’m reminded of how merciless some people can be toward the loyal and precious canines.

Gracie was an innocent pup who deserved to live a life filled with joy, but sadly, heartless breeders stole her chance to be happy.

When Animal Control rescued her, the pup was so terrified that she couldn’t even look at humans. She was shaking uncontrollably.

After Grace was admitted to a shelter, she was having a hard time adjusting to the loud environment. All she wanted to do was hide in the corners.

The shelter staff felt brokenhearted. They hoped that Grace would learn how to be a dog and realize how beautiful life could be. 

Helping Grace Heal Her Heart

sad dog under table
Source: Labor of Love Transport Rescue

The staffers were ecstatic when a family decided to adopt the pup.

Grace moved into her new home. However, the canine couldn’t get rid of her fears, and she spent all her time cowering in her crate.

Her family decided to surrender her back to the shelter.

Grace felt even more afraid when she found herself in the noisy shelter kennel once again.

Luckily, Labor of Love Transport Rescue, a foster-based rescue that saves dogs from the shelters of western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina, heard about Grace and they took her in.

The rescuers felt deeply saddened when they met Grace for the first time. The pooch had a dejected expression on her face, and she kept her head down.

two dogs under table
Source: Andrea Roubal

Every time her rescuers approached her, she became so scared that she would pee on herself.

The pup avoided any contact with the rescue staff. She was hiding under chairs and trying to find her safe place.

The staffers wanted to shower Grace with affection and heal her broken heart, but they realized that they needed to give her time. 

Learning How To Be A Dog

big dog on a leash
Source: Labor of Love Transport Rescue

Grace changed a couple of foster homes until she found a foster family that understood her completely. 

Grace’s fosters gave her time to decompress. They felt hopeful that they would succeed in gaining her trust.

Since Grace wasn’t used to human love, she wanted to make herself appear as small as possible to hide from everyone. 

Little by little, the canine’s foster family started spending more time with Grace and giving her the affection she never experienced in her life.

Grace realized that her foster family wanted to help her, and she began trusting them.

two cute dog under the table
Source: Labor of Love Transport Rescue

Her fosters rejoiced when they noticed that the canine was getting better and making steady progress.

“She now whines when she has to go potty or when she wants to go out and watch the other dogs playing… Her posture is no longer of that scared dog 24×7, she is now relaxed and seems content,” Labor of Love Transport Rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

Feeling Hopeful About Her Future

cute dog with leash in car
Source: Labor of Love Transport Rescue

The canine loved watching other dogs who were playing. However, she still wasn’t ready to join them.

Grace was no longer afraid of humans, and she began enjoying their presence. Her fosters felt overjoyed when they caressed Grace for the first time.

Both the dog’s fosters and rescuers hoped that the doggo would continue healing and learn to enjoy her life.

Later on, Grace started behaving more like a dog. She enjoyed long hikes with her fosters. The pooch wagged her tail and she couldn’t stop smiling as she admired the beauty around her.

happy dog on a leash
Source: Labor of Love Transport Rescue

Grace’s rescuers are aware that Grace still needs to overcome her fears, but they feel extremely proud of her and the progress she has made so far.

I hope that Grace’s heart will heal completely and that she will find the happiness and love that she deserves.