Belgian Malinois Husky Mix: A Glimpse Of The Amazing Belusky

Wondering what a mix of a Belgian Malinois with a Husky would look like? You don’t have to wonder anymore since today, we bring you a detailed description of this wonderful mix!

The Belusky is the name that this designer dog is also known for.

It is a combination of two wonderful purebred dog breeds: the hard-working and smart Belgian Malinois, and the loyal and mischievous Siberian Husky. These descriptions are too short to describe these two truly special dog breeds.

Therefore, at the beginning of this article, we will tell you a little more about two types of dogs that were crossed, thanks to which we can enjoy the Belgian Malinois Husky mix today.

Both of these dog breeds have interesting characteristics, and they excel in various fields. In some respects, they are very similar, and in others, they are far from each other.

Belgian Malinois Husky Mix: Meet The Parent Breeds

How did breeders come up with the idea of crossing different types of dogs over the years?

Well, they were guided by the fact that two dogs with excellent character traits and good health together can produce a mixed dog that will inherit the best traits from both of its parents.

Can we see that this turned out well with the Belgian Malinois Husky mix?

Let’s first take a look into the history, temperament, appearance, and health of both of this mixed dog’s parent breeds.

The Belgian Malinois

the belgian malinois sitting on the grass

The Belgian Malinois is an extremely intelligent, brave, and hard-working dog. He is confident, and always loyal to his owner.

In addition to being an excellent search dog and police dog, the Belgian Malinois also makes an excellent companion for any dog lover.

This dog will impress everyone with its appearance, and the only thing better than its appearance is its fearless and amazing character.

History Of The Breed

The Belgian Malinois’ country of birth is Belgium. There, in a city named Malines, is where this hard-working dog originated from.

Together with three other dogs, the Belgian Malinois is a part of the group of Belgian Sheepdogs.

The Belgian Malinois has been known as a separated dog breed from the 19th century. The police used this dog for search and rescue actions.

Furthermore, over the years, this dog has been used as a herd guard and as a sled dog.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized the Belgian Malinois in 1959.


What are some interesting facts about the Belgian Malinois’ temperament?

Well, first of all, this dog is very smart. Also, one of its most important temperament traits is its work ethic.

Belgian Malinois are reserved around strangers, and it takes them a long time to start trusting them. On the other hand, they are extremely loyal to their family members, and are firmly connected to them.

With proper training, a Belgian Malinois puppy will become the best guard dog for its family. Of course, early socialization is necessary so that this dog does not overprotect its owner.

The Belgian Malinois is a great family dog, ​​and it will get along with everyone, but on the condition that it is always part of the activities in which its family participates.

This dog needs a lot of exercise, so it is a great option for very active families.


Many will say that the Belgian Malinois looks like the German Shepherd, and we can agree that besides being similar in appearance, both of these dogs are good working dogs and beloved pets.

You can tell a Belgian Malinois from a German Shepherd by the fact that these dogs are smaller than German Shepherds. Also, the Belgian Malinois is short-haired, while the German Shepherd is long-haired.

The average height of a Belgian Malinois is 22 to 26 inches, and the average weight is 40 to 70 pounds. His demeanor is quite elegant. The Belgian Malinois has a short, double coat, thanks to which it withstands weather conditions well.

The head of this dog is black, and it resembles a mask. Its ears are also black, while the typical fur colors are mahogany and fawn.


The Belgian Malinois is, in general, a healthy dog breed.

Its lifespan is usually between 12 and 14 years. Some of the diseases that this dog breed can encounter are elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, sensitivity to anesthesia, and cataracts.

The Siberian Husky

Siberian husky laying on green grass

The Siberian Husky has been known for years as one of the best sled dogs. Today, this dog is best known for its outstanding looks and beautiful eyes.

Let’s find out more about this strong and agile dog.

History Of The Breed

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Huskies have been known for pulling sleds in Alaska, and this dog is believed to be one of the oldest dog breeds.

From Alaska, this dog went to America, and later to Europe and other parts of the world. The Siberian Husky was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1930.


Many people associate Huskies with wolves, especially because of their specific howling!

The Husky is an extremely intelligent dog that gets along well with people. Because it is quite energetic, you need to be careful while the Husky is playing with younger children.

The Siberian Husky loves to receive a lot of attention from its people. Also, this dog needs to have plenty of exercise on a daily basis.

Because it is used to being in a pack, the Husky may try to impose himself as the leader, so it needs an experienced and dominant owner.

The Siberian Husky is, in general, a better option for dog owners with experience rather than for first-time dog owners.

A Husky has high energy levels. It needs its space, and it is not suited for apartment living. If it does not get enough physical and mental activity, a Siberian Husky can show destructive behavior.


The Husky is a very elegant and strong, medium-sized dog. It has double, thick fur, thanks to which it has no problem with cold weather.

The average height of a Husky is 20 to 23 inches, and the average weight is 30 to 60 pounds.

Standard Husky colors are white, white and black, white and red, white and gray, and white and sable.

Some people mistake the Alaskan Malamute for a Siberian Husky. No wonder since both of these dogs have a wolf-like appearance!


The lifespan of a Siberian Husky is from 12 to 14 years.

It is generally a healthy dog, but as with any dog ​​species, Huskies also have some health issues to which these dogs are more susceptible. These are Corneal Dystrophy and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA).

The Belusky: All Important Traits

the belusky dog

Photo from: @apollo.the.belusky

Both the Siberian Husky and the Belgian Malinois are hard-working and energetic dogs. People have worked with them and loved them for many years now.

Well, now that we know some of the most important traits of both dog breeds, we can move on to the characteristics of the puppy that was created by crossing these two working dogs.


The combination of Husky and Belgian Malinois created an intelligent and hardy dog. The Belgian Malinois Husky mix is ​​an excellent guard dog and police dog, but also a beloved pet.

How did the Belusky come about? Well, the breeders wanted to produce a superior guard dog, so they decided to combine the excellent predispositions of the Husky and the Belgian Malinois.

It is still not confirmed as to when and where this mixed puppy appeared first. What we do know is that these dogs have been with us for a relatively short time. Anyhow, we hope they will stay with us for many years to come!


Considering the characteristics of both of its parents, the Belgian Malinois Husky mix is ​​an excellent family pet. It behaves very protective towards children.

The Belusky inherited herding instincts from its Belgian Malinois parent.

Their herding instincts and aloofness toward strangers does not mean that Belgian Malinois dogs are aggressive: they are just guard dogs that love to take care of their humans.

From their Husky parent, the Belusky dogs inherited a gentle, but also independent character trait. From both parents, it inherited the character of a family protector.

This charming and intelligent mixed dog makes a good option for families with small children.

This dog’s high trainability and intelligence makes it a powerful and outstanding crossbreed.


belusky dog posing

Photo from: @sumailachon

The Belusky is a medium-sized dog, usually of a lighter build weight compared to the Belgian Malinois. The appearance of this dog will, of course, depend significantly on which parent it resembles more.

For example, a Belusky can inherit the blue eyes from the Husky, and the flat head from the Belgian Malinois.

As with any mixed-breed dog, you can never be completely sure who the Belusky will resemble more.

The average height of a Belusky is between 23 and 25 inches.

Its ears might be either round as a Husky’s or pointed like those of the Belgian Malinois. Its eyes might be black or brown, but this dog could also inherit the Husky’s remarkable blue eyes.

A Belusky’s fur is thick and dense, and its usual coat colors are brown, cream, silver, and white.

On some of these mixed dogs, white markings can be noticed.

The fur of this dog is water resistant.


Some of the main health problems that a Belusky can suffer from are arthritis, hip dysplasia, and heart disease. We often cannot influence the health of our dog, but what every dog ​​owner can do is take the dog for regular check-ups at the vet.

A dog’s tendency to certain diseases does not mean that the dog will surely get one of those diseases. However, there is a great possibility of it. Always make sure you buy your dog from a reputable breeder who cares about the health of their puppies.

Mixed dogs are said to be healthier than purebred dogs, but, of course, various factors will affect the final outcome and overall health of the dog.

The Belusky’s average lifespan is estimated at 8 to 10 years. Quality dog food, plenty of exercise, and a lot of mental stimulation significantly affect the dog’s health, and can extend its lifespan and improve its overall quality of life.

Exercise Needs

The Belusky has a high energy level. Just like both of his parents, the Belusky needs a lot of exercise to remain a healthy and happy dog. Therefore, this dog is suitable for owners who will be able to exercise with it for at least an hour a day.

This crossbreed will equally enjoy walking or swimming. Also, it will be glad to join you in activities such as jogging, or to play with your children for hours.

Playing with children is particularly useful for the socialization of a Belusky. Also, a Belusky will feel much better in a house with a yard where he can run around, rather than be confined in a small apartment.

If you are planning to get a Belusky, it is good to know that these dogs love to jump over a fence and run away! The most common reason for this is their strong prey drive.


belusky dog lying in the park

Photo from: @toby_belusky

The Belgian Malinois Siberian Husky mix is a lovely dog, but this does not mean that he is easy to train. This mixed dog is known for stubbornness and its attempts to act independently.

So, it is necessary to use positive reinforcement and be very patient until the Belusky becomes an obedient and socialized dog.

This mixed dog will not respond well to harsh punishment while training, but you should still show dominance. This dog might act like he is the boss, so obedience training should be properly conducted.

If you want your Belusky to be trained and socialized, but it seems that you are having trouble managing this, you can always contact a professional dog trainer.

Since this dog is a wonderful companion, but is quite demanding, we suggest that you not give up on this mixed dog, but instead, just ask for professional help!


Maintenance of a Belusky’s coat is not too demanding – it is enough to brush it once a week. This dog, however, sheds a lot, and therefore, it is not a hypoallergenic dog.

Frequent bathing is also not necessary. Of course, if your dog spends a lot of time outside and often gets dirty during play, it needs to be bathed, but generally speaking, these mixed dogs don’t require bathing too often.

So, if you buy a Belgian Malinois Husky mix, chances are that you will probably not need to visit a professional dog groomer very often.

However, it is necessary to brush the dog’s teeth and clean its ears in order to avoid infections. Also, this dog’s nails should be trimmed regularly.

Food Requirements

An energetic dog like the Belusky needs proper nutrition.

If you are wondering what dog food would be the best option for a Belusky, we suggest you take a look at our advice on best dog foods for a Belgian Malinois, and also on the best food options for Huskies.

What you need to take care of is that the dog food you give your Belusky contains a lot of carbohydrates and proteins.

Also, the food should be rich with minerals and vitamins that will nourish your Belusky and give him the necessary energy for hours of running and playing.

Is The Belgian Malinois Husky Mix The Dog For You?

belusky dog sitting on the road

Photo form: @leia_all_deia

You have been in search of your future puppy lately, and you ran into the Belusky. Should you get this dog, you are wondering?

If you are a person who loves to spend time outdoors, and who is looking for a partner for jogging or swimming activities, then this mixed dog is everything you are looking for.

This dog will run fast, so if you lack physical activity, this dog might just be the right thing in your life right now!

The Belusky might surprise you with the speed with which he absorbs new things. You will not even have to work hard to teach this dog commands or tricks.

However, you might have trouble catching up with the Belusky, especially in its puppyhood.

Generally speaking, a Belusky is an extremely active dog. He likes interaction with people, and he is friendly and loyal to his family. But, this dog can easily get bored.

If he notices that all attention is not focused on him, he could demonstratively leave the area, and tell you that he is not satisfied by showing destructive behavior.

So, is the Belgian Malinois Husky mix the dog for you? We wholeheartedly recommend him if you and your family are active, if you prefer to spend time in nature, and if you like to include your dog in various family activities.

Finding Some Other Mixed Dog Options

If you like the description of the Belgian Malinois, we can inform you that there are some other amazing Belgian Malinois mixes, together with the mix of this dog with the Siberian Husky.

For example, this working dog was bred with the dog that it is most commonly mistaken for – the German Shepherd (GSD).

Furthermore, there are combinations of a Belgian Malinois with a Labrador Retriever and with a Fox Terrier. We suggest you check the entire list of these lovely crossbreeds!

If you are a bigger fan of a Siberian Husky rather than a Belgian Malinois, we have some more options for you!

It might sound like an odd combination, but we advise you to take a look at the French Bulldog Husky mix. You will never be bored with this interesting mixed-breed dog!

Also, there is a mix of a Husky with a Shiba Inu. This beautiful mixed dog also makes a great companion for families.
We can conclude that today, there are truly interesting dog mixes, each special in its own way – don’t you agree?


cute belusky dog indoor

Photo from: @lulu_and_koko

How Much Is A Belusky?

The price for a Belgian Malinois Husky mix goes from $900 up to $1,500.

Both of the parent breeds of this mixed puppy are quite expensive dog breeds, so the Belusky is not a cheap dog either. The price for a Siberian Husky puppy from a reputable breeder goes from $900 up to more than $2,000.

The cost of a purebred Belgian Malinois puppy goes from $1,000 up to $2,000. Puppies of champion bloodlines and remarkable pedigrees can cost even more.

What Is A Belusky’s Personality?

The Belusky has a gentle and loving personality. This dog also might be quite independent.

In general, a Belgian Malinois Husky mix is a loving family dog that is devoted and loyal to its owner.

Its personality traits will significantly depend on which parent it inherited more traits from, but one thing is certain – it will be an intelligent and resistant dog.

What Is The Average Weight Of A Belusky?

The average weight of a Belusky goes from 45 to 65 pounds. This weight range is similar to both of its parents, while the Belusky is a little bit lighter compared to the Belgian Malinois, whose weight can go up to 70 pounds.

This mixed dog is of medium size. Its body build is strong, and its looks are very elegant and impressive.

Bottom Line

We all know that nowadays, we have a very large offer of mixed-breed dogs.

For some of them, we can say that their parent breeds are quite similar, and we are not surprised by the fact that the breeders decided to mate them with each other.

For some other dogs, we are quite shocked when we hear about which two dog breeds they came from!

Today, we met a Belgian Malinois Husky mix – a wonderful hybrid dog whose parents are the Belgian Malinois and the Siberian Husky. How do you know if this dog is a good choice for you and your family?

What we can tell you is that these dogs are athletic, intelligent, and extremely devoted to their owner. If you can give this dog enough exercise and training, then the Belusky is the option for you.

This dog is primarily a working dog, and it needs various and continuous tasks. If you train him well, your home and your family will be safe with a Belusky, and you will find a best friend in this mixed puppy.

So, the Belgian Malinois Husky mix puppy has excellent characteristics that it inherited from both of its parents, but it is, at the same time, a demanding dog that will not tolerate a passive life without challenges.

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