Stray Pup Found Napping On A Couch In An Abandoned House In Illinois Is Finally Rescued


Saving dogs is never a job, but a never-ending lifetime mission! Once you fall in love with these four-legged furballs, it’s hard to ever stop!

Despite her years-long experience, Jill Henke, the operations director at Gateway Pet Guardians, from St. Louis, Illinois, wasn’t immune to a sad pair of eyes staring at her earlier this year.

The dog she had never seen before was practically begging for some help, but as soon as she tried to approach her – she ran away. She thought that was about it, but just a few days later, she’d learn that destiny had different plans!

Fearful Pair Of Eyes Staring From Across The Field

dog sitting on grass
Source: Gateway Pet Guardians

The unknown stray was staring at Jill across the field when she came by to deliver some cat food to a local center at Washington Park, Illinois. 

One of the volunteers at the center told her that the dog had been coming every now and then to eat some of the cat food they had been leaving out.

Jill felt really bad for the dog, and deep down, she knew that she had to help her, but she was just too timid and too shy to let Jill approach her

For things to be even worse – it was very cold outside, and the dog was evidently dirty and looked extremely malnourished.

Fending For Herself In An Abandoned House Nearby

stray dog in a abandoned house
Source: Gateway Pet Guardians

Jill tried to help the dog they later named Bon Bon a couple more times, but she was unsuccessful. 

The struggle went on for a month until she received a phone call from a concerned member of the community regarding “some dog” who had been spotted sleeping in an abandoned house nearby.

Once the GPG team got to the spot – they found Bon Bon sleeping on an old, dirty couch.

woman kissing the dog
Source: Gateway Pet Guardians

At first, she was nervous and timid, especially when they tried to leash her, but as soon as she realized that she was about to be rescued – she let herself go!

“At first, Bon Bon was fearful when we leashed her, but it didn’t take long for her sweet personality to come out and shine,” the GPG team wrote on their Facebook.

Learning What Love Looks Like For The First Time Ever

dog sitting down by a plant
Source: Gateway Pet Guardians

It was unbelievable how fast Bon Bon adapted to life with her caregivers. Once she got to the facility in St. Louis, Illinois, she literally unleashed her true character and showed everyone how great of a dog she was!

“When she’s not catching ZZZZs on the couch, you can find her being an absolute ham, bringing smiles to everyone’s faces… Bon Bon Girl serves as an excellent reminder that life is short, and we should laugh as much as possible. Beyond her goofball nature, she is just such a good girl,” the GPG team wrote.

At three years old, Bon Bon is ready to embark on a beautiful journey with a furever family, but she needs to wait a little longer for her pawfect match.

dog walking on a red leash
Source: Toni Richard Turner

Still Waiting For That Special Someone

happy dog rolling on the floor
Source: Gateway Pet Guardians

Bon Bon is still waiting for her adopters to show up, and hopefully they will – any minute now!

Once a fearful doggo with no one to tell her how to dog – she’s now a fully transformed girl with a plethora of skills and hidden qualities to offer! 

One thing’s for sure – when the time is right, Bon Bon will change some family’s life for the better!