Dog Who Spent a Year Waiting for a Forever Home Leaves Shelter Ecstatic with a New Best Friend


All shelter dogs deserve to experience infinite happiness in the arms of their humans and to take in all their affection.

Unfortunately, some canines wait longer than others to finally learn what true love feels like.

A lovely dog hoped that she would find her forever family after an animal law enforcement team saved her from a dangerous living environment.

The canine, later named Duchess, was brought to Pennsylvania SPCA’s Danville Center.

She was in a terrible state. The pup was skinny, and her lustrous brown fur was covered with dirt.

Waiting For Someone To Notice Her

dog carrying two tennis balls in its mouth
Source: PSPCA Danville via The Dodo

The shelter staff welcomed her, giving her the care that she needed.

Little by little, the pup started recovering and revealing her adorable personality, captivating the hearts of the staffers.

They were sure that she would soon find a loving family and the happiness her heart wished for.

After Duchess made a full recovery, she blossomed into a joyful and gorgeous pup. She was ready to start a new chapter in her life.

Every day, the dog kept waiting by the kennel door for adopters to notice her and pick her out of the crowd. She looked at their faces, trying to catch their eyes and attract their attention.

Unfortunately, the visitors passed her by, not realizing how wonderful Duchess was. Nobody was interested in getting to know her.

The shelter staff was brokenhearted. They couldn’t stand watching Duchess get disappointed day after day.

“It was heartbreaking to watch her get passed by for so long,” a representative from the Pennsylvania SPCA told The Dodo.

Love At First Sight

man petting a dog
Source: Pennsylvania SPCA

After waiting for almost a year, fortune finally smiled on Duchess.

A great family saw her photo on social media and immediately fell in love with her. They arrived at the special adoption event that the sweet doggo attended in order to meet her.

The moment they saw Duchess in person, they were smitten with her smile and her loving disposition. 

The family made an instant connection with the doggo and they knew that she belonged with them.

Duchess’ new family already adopted a dog named Bear from PSPCA Danville.

Riding Into The Sunset With Her Family

dog on a leash in a blue shirt
Source: Pennsylvania SPCA

When Duchess realized that she was finally chosen, she felt over the moon. The pooch had the biggest smile on her adorable face.

Bear came with his family to pick up his new sister at the shelter.

Duchess said goodbye to her shelter friends, who showered her with love. 

two dogs on a car window
Source: Pennsylvania SPCA

They felt emotional as they watched their girl leave the Danville shelter with her new family. They would miss her a lot, but they felt happy for her.

During Duchess’ ride to her forever home, Bear snuggled to her and kissed her face. It was clear that the two pups were going to get along perfectly.

two dogs looking through car window
Source: Pennsylvania SPCA

Duchess’ face was beaming with joy. Her dream of finding a family finally came true. She couldn’t wait to start a new life outside the shelter.

The canine closed her eyes and savored the happiest moment of her life.