Rescuers From Virginia Were Shocked To Find A Dog Who Was Living On The Leash For Years


When a dog is restricted from having an active life which he or she requires in order to stay healthy, it can really take a toll on them.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to the dog in today’s story.

Being abandoned in a yard all alone, all this dog longed for was some love, affection, and good-old play time.

Bad Conditions

dog tied to a pole
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Worthy Dog Rescue, a non-profit organization located in Virginia, got a call about a dog named Maggie, who needed some help.  

For many years, Maggie had been living in a dusty yard all by herself. Her only shelter was a broken-down wooden box, which she could not get away from since she was tied up by a short rope.

Her health was just as bad as her living conditions.

She was extremely malnourished, covered in flea bites, and had lost half of her coat due to skin infection.

However, being the good girl she was, Maggie still managed to keep a smile on her face. She also showed that big smile to her rescuer, who was quite shocked by how open and trusting she was.

“It was apparent that she loved people. She wagged her tail with joy at even the slightest bit of human attention,” wrote Worthy Dog Rescue on their Facebook.

At The Shelter

This resilient little girl was finally removed from all of this dirt and brought to the shelter where she received the attention she truly deserved.

happy dog
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After getting a thorough checkup and all the medication she needed, Maggie started to recover.

In no time, she was looking as happy and as healthy as ever, ready to be a part of a loving family!

However, since Maggie was a senior dog, the shelter staff worried that it would take some time until Maggie found a home in which she would be the only dog since that was what she needed.

The incredible staff at the shelter in Virginia did everything they could in order to help Maggie look and feel her best, attracting potential new families.

cute dog with flower crown on head
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The loving environment surrounding this pup truly played a key role. Finally understanding what love, affection, and a warm bed feels like, Maggie got on her best behavior.

She had some incredible foster families along the way who helped her acclimate to home life, worked on her leash skills and getting her more comfortable around other dogs, and taught her how to be part of a family.

After some time, a woman scrolling on the shelter’s website came across Maggie’s story. Even though she had already applied to foster a dog, she simply knew that Maggie was the dog for her.

[It] was a life-changing event for Maggie. [Her new mom] offered an only dog home and had a flexible schedule to give her the time and attention she needed.

woman laying with dog in bed
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Forever Home

Now, a dog who had spent most of her time all alone had her days filled with nothing but love, fun, and attention.

Even though she was a bit nervous around other dogs at first, being the center of attention built up Maggie’s confidence. Now, she loves being surrounded by friends of all kinds.

“I didn’t think I could love another dog after putting my Lab down at nearly 13 years old. But we are absolutely in love with this girl and can’t imagine our lives without her,” said Maggie’s new mom.

smiling woman and little boy with dog
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It truly warms my heart to see those dogs who have been through a lot finally get the love and affection they deserve. Good girl, Maggie!