This Disabled Dog Struggled To Make Friends And Then Everything Changed One Day


It is often not easy to fit into society and, unfortunately, prejudices always exist.

Certain disabilities make things even harder. In those situations, it is not easy to keep a smile on your face and stay happy and cheerful. 

But, there are always real warriors who are playful and light-hearted in life regardless of all the difficulties that are not their fault.

Today’s story is about how differences and difficulties can be a strength if we know how to use them.

Misunderstood, But Beautiful In Its Own Way

black dog sitting in a cage
Source: YouTube

One day, Abigal and Jeremy, a dog-loving couple from Madison, Wisconsin, headed to the shelter to find their new best friend. 

After they arrived, the staff said that they had a litter of puppies, but only one was left.

When they saw the dog, they just couldn’t resist it. It was happy, playful, and full of energy… everything they desired. 

However, the shelter workers told them that this dog had a brain stem injury that left certain consequences on its behavior. The couple accepted this burden wholeheartedly and decided to brighten the life of this lovely dog.

Over the years in her new family, Maddie, as they called her, showed that she is an ordinary dog with just a bit of unique personality traits. 

“We kind of just found out over the years that she is really just a little goofy,” said Abigal for The Dodo, “I wouldn’t say that there is really anything wrong with her.”

Aside from being goofy and full of positive energy, Maddie also has a lovable trademark, as her tongue is always out. 

dog laying on the back seat
Source: TikTok

Maddie also enjoys going to the park in Madison with her Mom and Dad, and her favorite toy is a tennis ball. 

But, at first, no matter how hard she tried to play with other pups, she would either get distracted or they would run away. Unfortunately, some dogs didn’t understand her uniqueness, so poor Maddie would often have to play alone or with her mommy and daddy.

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The Special Friendship

dog on playground with other dogs
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Although Maddie was always happy and playful, it was sad that the other dogs didn’t understand her and didn’t want to play with her.

However, Maddie did not give up, and she wanted to show them how she could play, too, and that she had some hidden talents with which she would delight them.

That’s why one day, she took her mom and dad to the park and played the ball game she knows the best.

Since Maddie didn’t understand the concept of catch and fetch, she played a game where her mom and dad would throw the ball to each other and she would run after it.

It was a new, fun game that aroused the curiosity of the other dogs as well. Suddenly, all the dogs in the park were running after the ball and Maddie was the main star that started it all.

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It was definitely the turning point for Maddie that gave her confidence and helped her find some new friends. 

Since she didn’t like crowds, she preferred hanging out with one dog. And, soon a dog appeared who had no problem with her differences and who loved to spend all day with Maddie.

two dogs playing
Source: YouTube

Although she never despaired, Maddie could finally be truly happy since it was something she had always dreamed of, making a real friend who would understand her. 

Through Uniqueness To The Stars

Since her mom and dad recorded almost every moment of her life on TikTok, Maddie has gained more and more followers and sympathizers.

At one point, all these cute events in Maddie’s life culminated when the popular “The Dodo” made a video about her life, which her parents posted on TikTok.

From that moment, her journey to stardom did not stop. The number of followers was growing and many media were covering the story about her incredible life journey. 

On top of everything, she became viral on the Internet. When her parents took her to Tennessee to see a solar eclipse, a guy with a huge camera came up to take her picture. 

black dog with sunglasses
Source: TikTok, The Tennessean, Fox News

Out of nothing, Maddie’s face was on all the front pages of the main media in the USA. She became a true celebrity overnight. 

Maddie really showed that despite all the difficulties and handicaps, you can reach the stars if you really want to.