Abandoned Sick Puppy Won His Toughest Battle With A Help Of Many Good Souls


Are you ready to meet the bravest little pup with the most resilient spirit? Sweet little Knox had hardships since the very beginning of his life. 

However, he is also living proof that the hardest battles are won by the bravest, and also how they teach us the most important life lessons.

You will learn just such a lesson from today’s inspiring story, which Knox himself is the “author” of.

He Had To Go Through A Lot So Early

an abandoned puppy with black big eyes
Source: Happy Feet Pet Rescue

When he was born, Knox found himself in a family that, despite their best intentions, could barely provide for themselves.

Food was hard to come by and his already thin mother got even skinnier as she assumed the role of mother for her hungry babies.

A small, weak baby with weak immunity simply could not withstand the bad conditions and the lack of nutrition necessary for healthy development. That led to the puppy developing Demodex mange. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning.  

His family soon realized that they could not care for him or his siblings, and agreed to surrender the whole family to a rescue. That’s where Happy Feet Pet Rescue, from Lansing, Michigan, stepped in. 

The team of people from the rescue, alongside his new foster mom, did everything in their power to help this poor baby. 

Knox was treated for his mange, as well as for the fleas covering his tiny body. However, when they thought the situation had turned around for the better, they found out that this dog literally had a broken heart.

The Battle Of His Life Was A Cat Cough For This Brave Boy

a cute dog in a hoodie is standing on the couch
Source: Happy Feet Pet Rescue

After further examinations, the medical team discovered that this poor pooch had a host of heart problems. Knox was suffering from a severe heart murmur, an enlarged heart, patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), and a leaky mitral valve. 

They were so sad when they heard the news because the severity of these problems led them to think that Knox wasn’t destined for a full, happy life after all. 

However, hope reappeared when they met Dr. Christian Weder, at Mid-Michigan Veterinary Cardiology. Dr. Weder completed an echocardiogram and gave them the best news ever! Knox’s big heart could be fixed!

They were referred to the Animal Surgical Center of Michigan, and they made space for Knox to have this vital surgery in just a few days. 

They were very happy that this dog would get another chance, but the fight was not over yet. The surgery cost $3,800, and the rescue simply didn’t have that money at the time.

That’s when they decided to ask for help on their official Facebook page from all those big-hearted people who are ready to invest a little to make something big happen.

This action showed that good people are still among us because a fairly large amount of money was collected in a very short period of time.

In the end, we had no doubts about the victory. The operation ended successfully! Way to go, you brave boy!!!

Now, He Is Just Waiting For His True Happy Ending

the woman is holding a rock with a sewn front paw
Source: Happy Feet Pet Rescue

Less than a week after starting to raise funds for the operation, Happy Feet Pet Rescue announced the happy news on their Facebook page.

Knox was happily back in his foster home in Lansing with a pretty neat scar to show off. This boy endured it all, standing up and coming out of this fight with a scar that he will be proud of for the rest of his life.

After a month of successful recovery from the operation, his last battle could finally begin. Knox was finally ready for adoption and a new chapter in his life. 

portrait of a rescued puppy sitting on a leather couch
Source: Happy Feet Pet Rescue

After all the difficult battles he went through from the very beginning, we have no doubt that this one will also be victorious and that this beautiful dog will finally shine in his full glory, which he has long deserved.