A Little Abandoned Puppy Who Was Lying On The Concrete Kept Crying, Wishing To Be With Her Mom


All puppies need their mother’s infinite love and her sweet kisses. Her loving embrace is the place where they feel the safest and most adored.

Casey was only a tiny fur baby when heartless people took her away from her loving mom, depriving the puppy of her love.

Instead of lying next to her mom in a loving home, Casey was heartlessly dumped at a local market.

Although she felt weak and sick, the puppy cried as loud as she could. The tiny canine missed her mom, and she kept calling her, hoping to see her loving face again.

Sadly, the people at the market failed to find compassion in their hearts and come to her aid. Without having any strength left, the exhausted puppy collapsed on the concrete.

While the puppy was lying on the ground barely clinging to life, she couldn’t imagine that fate had wonderful things in store for her.

The Puppy Finally Gets Rescued

injured puppy outdoor
Source: Little Steps Matter Foundation

Fortunately, someone called the rescuers at Little Steps Matter Foundation who arrived at the scene within a short time. 

Their hearts became full of sadness after they saw a tiny helpless puppy lying on the concrete.

The traders admitted that the puppy had been at the market since dawn. The rescue team couldn’t believe that nobody felt compelled to help the crying baby.

The rescuers tried looking for the puppy’s mother, but she was nowhere to be found.

The giant-hearted humans caressed the little baby, showing her much-needed love and kindness. 

injured puppy found by human
Source: Little Steps Matter Foundation

They noticed that the puppy, later named Casey, was sick.

The rescue team placed Casey in a cardboard box in order to keep her warm. They fed the hungry pup who kept looking at them with fearful eyes.

Casey’s heroes put her in a crate and sped over to a vet clinic.

Receiving The Help That She Urgently Needed

injured puppy at veterinarian
Source: Little Steps Matter Foundation

Apart from being skinny and dehydrated, the sweet canine was diagnosed with worms. Her skin was sore. She also had scabies.

Casey was still afraid and she froze while the vet was examining her.  

Once he conducted the checkup, the vet determined that Casey needed to stay at the clinic. She needed around-the-clock care.

During her first days at the clinic, Casey’s eyes looked sad. She had a worried expression on her adorable face. The puppy still missed her beloved mother.

tiny puppy in a box
Source: Little Steps Matter Foundation

The vet staff took great care of Casey, showering her with encouraging words and a lot of love. The pup started eating well.

Casey started receiving treatment. She felt much better.

After staying at the clinic for a week, the delightful pup was discharged.

Casey’s Much Deserved Happy Ending

happy mother and daughter with puppy
Source: Little Steps Matter Foundation

Shortly after arriving at the rescue, a wonderful human fell in love with Casey. She took her home, determined to give her the best life possible.

Casey’s forever mom took exceptional care of her, continuing with her treatment.

Two weeks after her rescue, the little puppy completely changed. Her skin wasn’t itchy anymore. She smiled for the first time, and she began wagging her tail non-stop.

happy puppy playing
Source: Little Steps Matter Foundation

Her rescuers visited the pup in her home. They rejoiced at seeing the happiness in her eyes. 

Casey was playing in the yard with her cat siblings. She was finally enjoying her puppyhood.

Casey’s mom became her whole world. The two of them adore each other. 

woman holding happy puppy
Source: Little Steps Matter Foundation

The puppy’s skin healed completely, and she grew beautiful, fluffy fur. She turned into a beautiful princess.

Casey’s mom runs a private pre-school, and she often takes Casey with her. The delightful pup provides emotional support to the students and loves playing with them.

We’re infinitely grateful to the rescuers at Little Steps Matter Foundation for rescuing Casey and for being there for her in the most difficult period of her life.