Woman Made A Shocking Discovery When She Found A Small Plastic Bag In The Bushes


Luck is a factor in dog rescue that is often overlooked. When you think about it, stray animals can sometimes avoid being seen for a long time, or be trapped somewhere.

So, the fact that many of them get found and saved can quite literally only be luck for this reason alone.

In this story, we will talk about a woman who heard some noise in the bushes and was met with a surprising sight when she went to see what was there.

A Suspicious Bag

woman getting the plastic bag put of bushes
Source: We Love Animals

Just as a couple passersby were walking on the path near the woods, they stumbled upon something strange.

One woman thought she heard noise coming from the bushes nearby, so they went to investigate.

The screaming was coming from a plastic bag that was just left there in the middle of nowhere.

female hands opening the plastic bag
Source: We Love Animals

She grabbed it quickly and opened it, only to be surprised when she saw three newborn puppies in it.

The poor babies were just so terrified after being abandoned there without their mom and on their own.

It is just absolutely sickening to think that someone would do this to three defenseless puppies.

A Miraculous Recovery

photo of puppies lying
Source: We Love Animals

They were still too young to open their eyes, so their new rescuers tried to calm them down with some cuddles and it worked for a bit.

There was no time to waste now, so one of the rescuers, Susanne, took them to a vet so they could receive proper medical care.

After that, she took them to her own house where they would be safe under her care.

Susanne did her absolute best to make sure they got back to normal, and she just loved seeing the sweet babies grow up.

puppies eating from the tray
Source: We Love Animals

Luckily, for the puppies, Susanne had help from a Mama Dog who accepted the babies as if they were her own and nursed them to health.

Time flew by and she was just so proud of the progress they made in such a short amount of time.

She was happy to give them her love and anything they needed, and the puppies adored Susanne immensely.

The three sweet babies went from almost suffocating in a plastic bag to meeting their new mom and starting a new and better life.