Rescuers Found A Litter Of Puppies In A Hole But Noticed Their Mom Is Not With Them So They Tried Something Creative


Dog mamas are just like human ones: when their babies cry, they run to the rescue. It is incredible to think that animals also have unwavering love and the instinct to rescue their little ones as soon as necessary. That’s exactly what the brave mama you are about to meet did for her babies. 

When coming across and looking inside of a big hole in the ground, animal rescuer, Henry, had something to see! A pile of puppies not older than one week were patiently waiting for their mother to return.

a hole in the ground in nature
Source: The Dodo

Understanding that they should be taken to a safer space, Henry and his partner, Pris, started looking for their mother. Namely, newborn pups should stay with their mothers for at least 8 weeks, so rescuing them alongside their mother was of crucial importance. [1]

Mothers Love Will Lead The Way

a lot of puppies lying in the hole in the ground
Source: The Dodo

When the mother was nowhere to be seen, the rescuers had to be creative. Pris came up with a brilliant idea to loudly play puppy sounds on the stereo of his car, hoping the mama would hear. And, she did! The mama came running back to her babies and cuddled right beside them. 

The rescuers then carefully prepared the leash for the mother so they could safely put her in a crate. When she got comfortable, they brought in her pups one by one. Mom had a big smile on her face. It was as if she knew she and her family were going to their happily ever after.

mom dog and her puppies in a crate
Source: The Dodo

They were safely brought to a shelter where they comfortably stayed for a couple of weeks until they were ready for adoption! Anne and her nine puppies were all adopted by families in Southern California where they are living their best lives.

Happily Ever After 

Celebrating their first birthday, we got an update on how some of the doggies are doing.

Boba, one of the puppies, lives happily with a family that sees her as the most special dog in the whole world.

She’s just the weirdest, goofiest little pup ever. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog.

Dash, spent the last year in his new big yard, living up to his name and dashing in circles. Ruby spent her first year being a professional athlete playing ball, and Lulo loves to talk and get all the attention. Mama Anne is still a pup at heart herself, cuddling all day, every day!

Final word

a person gives a five to a dog sitting  on the carpet
Source: The Dodo

It is incredible to think that the happiness of 10 dogs happened because of two caring and bright rescuers. Imagine all of the things they do for us and our furry friends that we aren’t even aware of. We must remember to thank them every chance we get, so on that note, thank you, Henry and Pris!


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