Police Officers Were Surprised To Learn That The Puppy They Saved Was Something Else Entirely


When a kind soul driving by saw a little puppy-like animal hanging out on the side of the road all by himself, he knew that he had to stop and help.

Putting him in a cardboard box, the person brought him down to Bartlett Police Department, in Illinois, knowing that the officers there would help.

A Strange Looking Dog

the policeman is holding a puppy in his arms
Source: Bartlett Police Department via The Dodo

At the police department, he met Sergeant Kyle Rybaski, who was more than happy to take over the stray dog and bring it to the local animal shelter.

However, upon some closer inspection, Sergeant Kyle and his colleagues realized that the puppy in the box didn’t look like a regular old puppy.

“We soon realized that it wasn’t the average puppy. When I picked her up, her fur had a different feel to it. It was wiry. Her paws were a bit bigger than the average dog, too. Her sharp nails also drew our attention,” said Sergeant Kyle.

While looking at the puppy more closely, the police crew started to wonder more and more as to what breed this strange puppy actually was.

the policeman saved the puppy
Source: Bartlett Police Department via The Dodo

Doing a quick internet search, informing himself of what baby coyotes look like, Sergeant Kyle was left shocked!

We found it looked just like a coyote. We were very excited. It’s not every day that you get to hold a coyote in your hands. Everybody was like, ‘Aww!’

the policeman brought a puppy to the police station
Source: Twitter

Calling Reinforcements

Even though the baby coyote had seemed to wander off from his pack, she appeared to be in good health.

However, being too young to care for herself, the baby coyote couldn’t be returned to the wild just yet.

the puppy is lying on the bed
Source: Willowbrook Wildlife Center via The Dodo

Reaching out to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center, Illinois, Sergeant Kyle explained the little misunderstanding that had happened and asked the shelter for some assistance.

The wildlife center swiftly made their way over to the police department, taking the little coyote into their care.

The staff reassured Sargent Kyle that she was in good hands, and would be accompanied by other coyotes until she grows up and is able to go back into the wild all by herself.

cute puppy looking at the camera
Source: Willowbrook Wildlife Center

Final Word

This sure was one of those work days that Sergeant Kyle and his colleagues will never forget.

It was very rewarding, and it’s good to know that she’ll be taken care of. It was a really neat experience.

However, it is important to remember that if you ever knowingly do come across a coyote, you should observe from afar.

Since coyotes are Rabies-Vector Species, meaning they can carry rabies, approaching them could put you at risk of contracting this disease.

If you do find yourself in the presence of one, please contact your local animal control or wildlife rehabilitation center. They are trained professionals, and will know exactly what to do.