A Lovely Dog Family Cruelly Dumped In Trash Finds Humans Who Adore Them


While a kind woman named Giorgina was taking a walk along the beach, she saw a heartbreaking scene. 

A sweet western pedigree pup was sitting in the trash. With eyes filled with sadness, the doggo was looking at the passers-by as if she begged them for help. 

The moment Giorgina noticed the canine, she felt compelled to rush to her aid.

After the woman approached her, she was surprised to realize that the pup wasn’t alone. There were three little newborn puppies huddled next to their mom.

Although the abandoned canine family needed just a little bit of compassion, many people ignored them, passing them by.

The Mama Dog Breathes A Sigh Of Relief

dumped dog
Source: Cuddle Buddies

The sad mama, later named Indah, was taking care of her little babies. She planted many kisses on their adorable faces, giving them all her love.

After Indah saw Giorgina, her face lit up. The mother dog was glad that someone finally noticed them.

Giorgina talked to the locals, and she found out that Indah’s owners dumped her and the babies the night before.

The giant-hearted woman immediately took the lovely family to the vet, where they were given a complete medical checkup.

Indah was diagnosed with a skin condition, and she began receiving treatment. Her babies were in excellent health, thanks to the wonderful care of their mama.

Giorgina reached out to many shelters, trying to find help for Indah and her family but all shelters were full. 

Luckily, Mission Paws’ible, the charity organization that helps homeless dogs, stepped in and took the pups under their care.

Receiving A Ton Of Love

lovely dog
Source: Cuddle Buddies

Prue Barber, the founder of the organization, found them a loving foster home. 

Indah was overjoyed to move in with Bea, her foster mom, who received the canine family with outstretched arms and a lot of love. 

The mama dog kept smiling from ear to ear and wagging her tail. 

happy brown dog
Source: Mission Pawsible

“Indah’s bond with Bea, her foster carer, was immediate. She clearly trusted whoever was around her,” Prue told Cuddle Buddies.

Indah’s puppies, named Bobby, Jack, and Biji, enjoyed their time in the foster home. The babies felt safe, and they soaked up all their mom’s love.

Despite being betrayed by humans, both Indah and her babies were extremely affectionate toward everyone they met.

The adorable mama relished watching her babies thrive. They started running and playing in the yard. The delightful furballs were full of energy.

Starting A BrandNew Life

four dogs
Source: Cuddle Buddies

Indah felt that it was time to let her puppies start the most important chapter in their lives. They began searching for their forever families.

It didn’t take long for the three babies to find their happily ever after.

Their mama moved to another foster home. She made a full recovery, and her beautiful white fur regrew.

close view of adorable dog
Source: Mission Pawsible

Although Indah is still waiting for her forever family, she enjoys her life to the fullest.

The wonderful canine can’t stop smiling and wagging her tail.

“…Indah’s absolutely loving life. She gets daily walks, she gets cuddles on the couch,” Prue added.

I hope that Indah will soon meet her perfect family who will dote on her and adore her like she deserves.

The brave mama deserves all the happiness in this world.