Overlooked Shelter Dog Saved From Being Euthanized Is So Happy To Finally Have A Family


Bubba has always been a special boi – he just needed a little push!

When this black-and-white doggo first showed up on a random porch, he was extremely confused. But, at the same time, he knew deep down one thing – that he wanted a home and a family to take care of him!

Luckily, he found one just in perfect time!

From Stray To A Forever Home

Adopted shelter dog
Source: @sweetzoeyjayne

Dan and Norma learned Bubba’s story when he was already in a shelter. Before he made it there, he spent his days on the street, constantly trying to find a home… or at least a safe haven!

One day, he appeared on a random porch. He had scars all over his body, indicating that he had probably been in a fight before. Sadly, the owner of the house already had dogs and couldn’t take Bubba in, so he eventually ended up in a shelter.

“He was found as a stray. Apparently, what happened was the girl that had dogs, he was like at her front door, and she said he was actually friendly, but she had dogs and she couldn’t take care of another dog,” Norma told GeoBeats Animals.

Despite the fact that he was friendly toward people, Bubba had a tough time finding a new home. He was only days away from being euthanized when Dan and Norma showed up. And, from that day, his new life chapter began!

woman holding a dog in a car
Source: @sweetzoeyjayne

Bubba traveled from California all the way to Seattle to meet his new family. During the first couple of weeks, he was highly insecure and didn’t know how to act like a family dog. He would just stand there, not knowing what a ball or a toy was.

He even had a tough time climbing up and down the stairs, probably from being kept in a crate in the past.

“He was probably kept in a crate a lot, so he had really bad knees as well. He kind of walks like he’s older than he is. They said he was five, but we don’t know for sure,” says Norma.

But, Dan and Norma had it all figured out.

three dogs laying down
Source: @sweetzoeyjayne

Their two other dogs, Shanti and Zoe, were there to help Bubba! The three of them spent days getting to know each other, and even though it seemed like a long shot, they finally made it. 

“Bubba is finding his playful side! He has been watching Zoey and Shanti play. He’s learning that the girls are playing and not fighting,” his pawrents wrote on Instagram.

Living The Best Life

dog on a beach
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A few months later, Bubba embraced his new Seattle family with paws wide open. He completely came out of his shell and started to take part in playtime with his new siblings.

He even started to exhibit his quirky sides, such as his weird lying poses and the fact that he’s into snacks (that he’ll do everything to get one).

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Underneath those old scars from the past was a true lovebug. No matter how hard it was at times for Bubba to overcome his traumas, he’d always find a way to dazzle everyone with his sweetness.

And, now, he gets to enjoy life and all the exciting adventures ahead of him.

owner and dogs laying together
Source: @sweetzoeyjayne

His dad has a special place in his heart! He’s definitely a dad’s boi and will always think of a reason to crawl into his lap and get a good pat on the back.

But, at the end of the day, Bubba loves absolutely everyone in the family! He’s just happy to finally be in the right place, far away from what can only be called the worst of times.

He’s now a member of the family, and he knows it!