Rescuer Was Shocked To Find This Dog Who Had Been Injured And Dumped On The Side Of A Road


Each day, I am reminded just how amazing and cruel humans can be. On one hand, we perform many miracles to help other people, but those things often go unnoticed.

On the other hand, there are quite a few unsympathetic people who would harm a defenseless animal without thinking about it twice.

This poor pup was, unfortunately, one of the victims of that cruelty when he was shot by humans and then just dumped on the road.

He was lying there and howling for a long time, but nobody thought about helping him until a kind rescuer came to save the day.

She Was Horrified

injured dog laying in grass

After she found the dog in the grass, she was horrified when she realized what had happened to him. He couldn’t even move.

Upon closer examination, the rescuer realized that the pup’s spinal cord was damaged and there was almost no chance he would move normally again.

This was incredibly depressing to find out, and I just can’t imagine why somebody would do something like this to such a sweet dog. He didn’t deserve this.

When the woman took a look at him, he looked so relaxed, almost like he knew that she wanted to help him.

guy petting brown dog

He was still very scared, but the rescuer had to transport her to a clinic immediately. The veterinarians accepted the dog right away.

She had to go into surgery to remove the bullet lodged in her skin. Luckily, everything went smoothly, and she was going to be okay.

However, there was the shocking news that she wouldn’t be able to walk properly for the rest of her life. At best, there was only a 2% chance that she would recover.

It was not much, but her rescuer was determined to help her in any way possible. The puppy, who is only eight months old, is now doing walking exercises.

He Is Making Incredible Progress

dog laying in a cage

They are trying to help him stand on his hind legs to see if anything would happen. They named him Richard. 

While it was almost certain that he was going to be okay, the dog was still stressed and afraid because of his trauma from being shot.

His rescuers and veterinarians are always there for him and are giving him lots of cuddles to help him overcome his fear of humans.

dog standing in a water

Every day, he practices hard and tries to do his best to recover. He was able to stand on his feet for a few minutes, which was amazing progress.

They are trying out water therapy to see if it would strengthen his legs and help him hold his balance.

He is doing exceptionally well and has recovered well in the last 250 days. Even though he still can’t move on all fours, everyone is so proud of his amazing recovery.

two paralyzed dogs

Richard loves being around other people now and is even making some new dog friends at the shelter. 

His life has changed so much that it’s absolutely wonderful to see. I am so glad that his kind rescuers gave him this chance to live a normal life again.

While we don’t know the status of his potential adoption or if it has happened by now, I have no doubt that his rescuers are going to be there for him no matter what happens.