Abandoned Puppy Wouldn’t Stop Crying After A Stranger Gave Her Away To Local Kids


Everybody knows that puppies adore little kids.

They not only share the same interests, which are playing and napping, but they are also new to this world, getting to know how it works one day at a time.

However, just like hoomans, puppies must be with their moms first before they can hang out with their friends.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case with Panda.

Meet Panda

puppy lying in a cardboard box
Source: Sidewalk Specials

Panda is a two-month-old Africanis mix who was given to some local kids to play with by a stranger.

The mother of one of the children understood that this puppy was too young to be away from her mother, so she contacted Sidewalk Specials, a mass sterilization unit and dog rescue.

Even though she tried her best to care for the little puppy, she can only do so much.

Luckily, she called the best rescuers in town, who were ready to do whatever it took to ensure that this baby would grow up big and strong in no time.

puppy wrapped in a white towel
Source: Sidewalk Specials

The Sidewalk rescuers immediately gave Panda a bottle of milk so that they could feed her hungry tummy. Afterward, they took him to the vet for a much-needed checkup.

The vet determined that she was extremely malnourished and was suffering from Biliary,  a disease that is caused by a parasite.

puppy getting examined
Source: Sidewalk Specials

Panda will need to stay at the vet for some time for constant observation in order to grow big and strong.

But, she will need a loving forever home after her treatment is done.

If you could open up your arms and offer this adorable girl a life truly worth living, do not hesitate to contact Sidewalk Specials for more information.

Puppies And Their Mom   

It would be ideal for newborn puppies to stay with their mama until they are at least 8 weeks old so that they can grow up happy and healthy.

There are several reasons for this, including learning social skills and how to behave overall properly.

They also need their mother’s milk as it is an incredible source of essential nutrients and antibodies that help the pups develop a strong immune system.

Another reason they should stay with their mom is that being with her reduces stress and anxiety for the pups. Their mom’s presence provides a sense of security, which is highly important in building a stable temperament.

Early separation from their mother may result in problems such as aggression, anxiety, and socializing with hoomans or even other dogs. It can also lead to some serious health issues that can follow the pup for the rest of their lives.