I Think My Dog Is Going To Die, And There’s Nothing I Can Do About It


Seven months ago, this Springer Spaniel was just another healthy puppy in a litter, waiting to be picked up and carried off to his forever home. That’s exactly what the Reddit user, nicknamed Don_Quixoute81 did. He gave this tiny pup love and helped it grow into a spectacular doggo.

Heaven on Earth with this Spaniel lasted for only five months. Indeed, five very short months…

Last Thursday, this puppuccino started having trouble eating. Shortly after, diarrhea started, and the morning after, it began vomiting yellow bile. Sounds quite terrible, doesn’t it? You can only imagine what the poor dog was feeling.

Add high body temperature on top of everything, and you’ll get one very miserable dog and an even more miserable owner.

It’s been five days since he was admitted to the veterinary hospital for standard gastroenteritis treatment. However, there’s nothing standard in this case. The painkillers, antibiotics, anti-nausea meds, and fluids didn’t work.

In fact, they’re still not working. Feeding is a nightmare, and eating solid food is mission impossible. The vet team did manage to put a feeding tube into his nose, but that didn’t end up the way it was supposed to. He’s still losing proteins in his blood as his gut is pretty much static.

The only solution, for now, is feeding directly through the esophagus via his neck to get the bowels moving.

Nobody can figure out what caused this condition in the first place. There is the assumption that the dog ate or drank something that gave him a bacterial or viral infection.

What’s devastating is the owner can’t be with him through these tough times because of the pandemic. Still, in the worst-case scenario, letting the dog go will allow the owner to say one last goodbye.

springer spaniel

The latest information states the dog is still on medication but shows no signs of getting worse or improving. The vet team is doing all they can to help the poor pupper. Tests for Addison’s disease and pancreatic insufficiency are up in the air, but the vets are worried that recent surgery will mean his pancreatic results are off.

Right now, there isn’t a clear solution to this problem. There was some discussion about introducing steroids into the treatment plan. But still, steroids will reduce the immune system, leaving the body unable to fight possible viruses.

Despite the fact steroids might help with almost every bowel inflammatory issue, including Addison’s and pancreatitis, it’s still a big risk to take.

One look at the poor pup and your heart will sink into your stomach. He’s lost a tremendous amount of weight. His fur is rough and tacky. Things aren’t looking good for the ol’ buddy.

The good news is that the pupster managed to recognize his owner with a short bark and rested his head against his owner’s leg. It’s not their usual enthusiastic greeting, but it is something.

Every moment until the dog starts eating alone is crucial and critical. The whole team must join in and fight this invisible enemy that’s taking the puppy away from its family.

We can only pray and send positive thoughts hoping this Springer Spaniel and his owner will be reunited once again, but this time in much happier conditions.

Keep this loving duo in your thoughts. They will need lots of energy, especially the dog.

We all hope the power of love will bring this Spaniel back to his family, and he’ll once again be that joyful, tail-wagging creature like he was before.