Sleeping On Guard: How Lucky The Dog Slept Through A Staged Armed Robbery


The Siberian Husky is a gentle dog breed, well known for its intelligence, stubbornness, and friendliness too. No wonder they don’t make such great guard dogs. If you’re thinking of getting a Husky to look after your home or store, you might want to reconsider.

Otherwise, you’ll end up like Worawut Lomwanawong, a small jewelry shop owner in Chang Mai, Thailand. He thought his Husky named Lucky would bring him lots of luck and protect his store. Well, he wasn’t THAT lucky.

The planned and staged armed robbery didn’t go as well as he planned.

The CCTV snapshots show a guy approaching Mr. Worawut with a fake gun and threatening him for all the money in the store.

As you can see, Lucky is sound asleep. Not even an ear twitch! Will she wake up and help her poor owner?

No. Lucky didn’t wake up. They could’ve taken the whole store, and Lucky would still be asleep.

Here we see Lucky, a happy girl perfectly fine where she is. Maybe she’s dreaming about snacks? Who’d blame her? She knows her priorities!

Or maybe she overheard what the robbery was actually about?

The owner, Mr. Worawut, said the whole staged robbery was Thai police training. The police chose his jewelry store, out of all the others in that part of the city, to be the case study. It was the first serious security test for the store.

Did the store pass the security test? Yes. Did Lucky pass the test as well? Technically, no. But the owner does believe Lucky would react if it were a real-life situation. He claims Lucky understands the human body language very well.

She probably decided there was nothing to worry about and went on with her nap. In fact, the owner didn’t give Lucky any signs to help him out. He wanted to stay perfectly calm and act like it was happening for real.

The owner definitely wouldn’t have a chance to call for Lucky if it were a serious robbery.

Besides, the police officer who played the robber was a guy who usually comes around to check on Lucky and her owner. She must’ve caught a whiff of his scent and decided he’s okay.

When he posted the video to Lucky’s site, the owner didn’t think it would get its fifteen minutes of fame. The video went viral in three days and received over 1 million hits! WOW!

People all over the Internet are going crazy about this lovely Thai Husky. Everybody wants to know more about Lucky. Naturally, we had to snoop out some more info about this sleeping beauty.

As the owner claims, Lucky was once one of the many stray dogs on Thai streets. He doesn’t know how old she is because Lucky came to him as an adult dog. When Mr. Worawut moved to Chang Mai to open his store, he saw Lucky sleeping next to a shop.

Nobody knew anything about Lucky. She always took food from people passing by, as well as from Mr. Worawut. She was in poor condition suffering from a tick-borne disease and venereal granuloma.

The owner was told to wait until she gave birth to her puppies, and then she’d be able to be treated. So, that’s exactly what he did.

Lucky was cured. In fact, her name is quite metaphorical. The owner believes Lucky had a very difficult life before him, so he decided to give her a name that would bring her some good fortune.

We can only add that the name brought her more than good fortune: a nice and normal life, a good owner, and internet fame!

Here are some more photos of the funniest dog online at the moment. Enjoy!

The Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky with brown eyes

The Siberian Husky