Living With a Dachshund: Read 30 Tweets On How People Handle A Doxie’s Personality


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Dachshunds are sweet, but then they turn the cheek and show their real personality. These tiny weiner dogs are adorable as hell, but man, they can get feisty! Don’t even think about pulling a prank or pretending to hurt their people before these pups! They’ll chase you all the way to China!

A thread is going viral on Twitter all thanks to the comedian, Sarah Cooper. She was walking her cockapoo, Stella, the other day when a woman walking a doxie came by. She was told it’s best not to have the two introduced because of the Dachshund’s temper.

Naturally, Sarah was triggered to learn more about these dogs; hence, the viral thread. Lately, people who own Dachshunds have been sharing hilarious stories. You might want to check these out!

1. The REAL guard dogs!


2. Yeah, the list is pretty clear. The tinier they get, the angrier they act!


3. There’s no good cop – bad cop when it comes to Doxies. They’re bad cops all the way!


4. Well, this one is definitely not a 100% purebred Dachshund. I mean, here’s an extinct specimen of the breed: a kind Doxie!


5. So, that’s why they’re so aggressive and angry! No more badgers, huh? If we give them badgers, will they get kinder, at least a bit?


6. Is there anything that Dachshunds aren’t mad about?


7. Aren’t you amazed they didn’t take her back sooner?


8. Some Doxies are overprotective, some are simply angry, some are living in their own world, and yet there are some that wear cowboy hats because they can.


9. The stick is as big as his ego!


10. Psst, there’s probably a secret Dachshund club you’re not invited in. The first rule of the Dachshund club: you never talk about the Dachshund club.


11. Soooo, which one kills on site? Just to be sure…


12. It’s a trap! Don’t get fooled! First, they lure you with their adorable curly ears and puppy dog eyes, then they rule over you!


13. Wally is definitely going through an identity crisis. Does he even know he’s a Doxie?


14. You don’t just pet a Doxie. You have to worship the ground under their tiny feet!


15. One of those kids who goes all savage when mom takes them out to be around people.


16. Dude, never start a fight you can’t end, especially not with a Dachshund!


17. See! Told you some of them live in their own imaginary worlds!


18. Yeah, that’s the reason why everyone avoids Elvis…


19. Her ancestors probably were after skunks, not badgers.


20. If their outside could match their personality, Doxies would be the biggest dog breed in the world.


21. He definitely knows how to do the talk. But, can he do the walk?


22. The end is near. Just wait until the whole place turns into a Dogmageddon!


23. Gee, what are the odds for that to happen?


24. Frankly, all Dachshunds are weirdos.


25. When they’re that calm, they have to be plotting something. Even the cat is in, too! A disaster is coming your way.


26. Questions? What questions?


27. A Dachshund doesn’t get along with himself either… not to mention other people or dogs!


28. A cutie by day, a villain by night. Do you know what your dog does when you’re not looking?


29. Some people never learn.


30. Bruce and I have something in common. The barking part, of course.

Now that you’ve had a laugh, it’s time to learn something more about these dogs with unique personalities.

The PSDA vet, Anna, warns us about the most common health issues Doxies can suffer from. Since they have a long back, Dachshunds are prone to Ivertebral Discs Disease or IVDD, better known as slipped disc.

Severe IVDD conditions may lead to complete paralysis. That’s why it’s so important to keep your Dachshund away from areas where it can jump off high surfaces. Don’t play energetic games like fly ball, etc… stick with moderate exercise and your dog might stick with you for a long time.

Exactly how long is that time? How long do Doxies live? On average, a Doxie lives from twelve to sixteen years… that is, if you take good care of them. The most important part is not to let these dogs nibble on anything other than their meals because they’re prone to gaining weight.

More weight means more pressure on their spine, which leads to numerous health problems. No matter how much they beg you to give them food off your plate, a no is a no. Your Doxie needs healthy muscles to support its long back. A fit dog is a healthy dog!

As for their character, Dachshunds are natural hunters. They’re not a breed to be socialized like other popular companions. Their hunting drive will come up to the surface eventually, but what you can do is train them.

Any well-behaved dog is a trained dog. Start early with lots of positive reinforcement. Remember, they’re smart pooches that need to be challenged. Keep them entertained and amused or you’ll end up with destroyed furniture.

Still, not all dogs are the same. There are, in fact, nice and calm Doxies! You just need to snoop around to find them.