55 German Shepherd Memes To Brighten Your Day


We love German Shepherds, and we love German Shepherd memes! They might be serious-looking dogs for outsiders, but for German Shepherd owners, they are cute and sweet, and one of the funniest doggies.

If you are looking for some funny pics or, better yet, funny German Shepherd pics — you came to the right place! It’s 55 best German Shepherd funny memes that will make you fall in love with this brilliant dog breed once more!

German Shepherd Memes

German Shepherds are popular dogs. We can see their cute face on stickers, and T-shirts, and I am sure there are German Shepherd shops somewhere where they sell only GSD merch.

However, half of the time, these GSD pics and stickers are actually German Shepherd memes! So, why not just have memes – 55 GSD memes to make your day a bit better?

1. “Tie” Your Dog

german shepherd meme tie your dog
Photo from: Pinterest

I mean, they weren’t specific… And, by the way, what a handsome doggo he is!

2. I’m Adopted?

german shepherd meme adopted
Photo from: Pinterest

I don’t know who spilled the beans, but my bet it is no one else but… the cat! We have to add some cat memes. Eye for an eye, meme for a meme.

3. He’s A Good Dog

german shepherd meme the cat made me do it
Photo from: Pinterest

And, here we are. The truth: the cat made me do it! Have you seen those sharp claws? I had to do what she wanted me to do.

Don’t worry, doggo — we believe ya!

4. A Fair Ransom

german shepherd meme socks
Photo from: Pinterest

If you ever wondered what happens to socks, and how we always find only one and then they reappear all of a sudden after a month — your GSD might have the answer.

5. Gordon Ramsay Vs German Shepherd Dog Memes

german shepherd meme gordon ramsey
Photo from: Pinterest

The food is so frozen, it started singing Let it go!, or

What do you call a frozen GSD? A pupsicle!

You choose your best meme…

6. The Truth

german shepherd meme stealing hearts
Photo from: Pinterest

It is true for all doggies, not just the German Shepherd! No matter if you have a Chihuahua, a Labrador, or any other dog breed — they are our best friends, and they steal our hearts.

7. A Well Deserved Break

german shepherd meme dog in a pool
Photo from: Pinterest

Well, what are you waiting for? Get this fine German Shepherd lad some iced tea.

8. I Will Have My Revenge

german shepherd meme revenge
Photo from: Pinterest

…And it will include your favorite shoes.

9. Renovation In Progress

german shepherd meme with door
Photo from: Pinterest

Whether it’s your new home or not, your German Shepherd will surely add a special doggy touch to your interior design.

10. Mirror, Mirror…

german shepherd meme mirror on the wall
Photo from: Pinterest

My Queen, you are! And, the Magic Mirror always tells the truth!

11. Expectation Vs Reality

german shepherd meme expectations vs reality
Photo from: redd.it

We have to say our really looks absolutely gorgeous! And, it has its tongue out! Cute!

12. I Will Find You!

german shepherd meme personal stalker
Photo from: Pinterest

It’s just one of those things you have to get used to if you own a German Shepherd dog. But, that’s not that bad, is it?

13. Me Vs Mom

german shepherd meme me vs mom
Photo from: redd.it

My personal favorite. How does this happen, what kind of sorcery is this? We will never know…

14. Humans With Muzzles?

german shepherd meme human muzzles
Photo from: shopify.com

It’s not meme time if there isn’t at least one joke about the he-who-shall-not-be-named. (virus)

15. 2 Seconds Rule

german shepherd meme five second rule
Photo from: Pinterest

Eating and having a German Shepherd puppy is like having a small black hole under your table that swallows everything you drop. Saves us the cleaning, tho.

16. Going Out? I Don’t Think So.

german shepherd meme getting ready
Photo from: pinimg.com

Ladies and gentlemen, now you know why she is late. She has a German Shepherd…

17. Mom! He Did It Again!

german shepherd meme mom
Photo from: Pinterest

Mom, he’s looking at me! Mom, I was here first! They are the best dogs, but sometimes they act as if they are children fighting for their spot on the sofa.

18. Those Trash Cans Did It Again!

german shepherd meme kitchen trash can
Photo from: Pinterest

I swear those trash cans are too much sometimes. The audacity to trip over everywhere! Good German Shepard, good boi for telling mom about the trash can… again!

19. It’s A Code

german shepherd meme wink
Photo from: Pinterest

I don’t always wink, but when I do, I wink back at my dog.

Now, this is memeception!

20. Ice Cream?

german shepherd meme ice cream
Photo from: Pinterest

I saw no ice cream. You say you had ice cream? Silly hooman…

21. I Really Wanna Play With You, But…

german shepherd meme ball
Photo from: Pinterest

That’s how it goes. They want to play, you give them the ball, and then they don’t want to give it back. That’s not how you play fetch, Fido.

22. K9 Unit

german shepherd meme k9 unit
Photo from: Pinterest

This is how it all starts…

23. Bail Time

german shepherd meme bail
Photo from: Pinterest

This is how it ends if they choose the wrong side.

24. Cat Meme Alert

german shepherd meme the cat did it
Photo from: Pinterest

Did you know GSDs are very intelligent? They can even cover their tracks.

25. Petting Another Dog?

german shepherd meme petting another dog
Photo from: Pinterest

They are loyal, and they love you so much, and this is how you repay them? Petting another dog?

26. Educational Meme

german shepherd meme educational
Photo from: shopify.com

I’m just going to leave this one here for anyone who needs to see it…

27. Sad, But True

german shepherd people that don''t have dogs
Photo from: Pinterest

I’ve heard that story, too. Some say they even go to the bathroom alone.

28. Silence Means Trouble

german shepherd meme puppy silence
Photo from: Pinterest

If you have a puppy, and you don’t hear a thing… that is very suspicious. Better prepare yourself for some mess.

29. I Don’t Always…

german shepherd meme dads chair
Photo from: pinimg.com

And, who has the heart to tell him to go off the chair? I’m going to sit on the floor – it’s quite comfy, actually.

30. Just Act Casual

german shepherd meme not allowed on bed
Photo from: chzbgr.com

Oh, hey… you’re home! Yeah, I’ve been on the floor the entire time.

31. Fuzzy Wuzzy Snowing

german shepherd meme fuzzy
Photo from: Pinterest

This one is called an ode to Fuzzy Wuzzy.

32. Favorite Toy

german shepherd meme favorite toy
Photo from: Pinterest

But, it is his favorite tennis ball! It’s not his fault they roll under the bed.

33. Welcome, Stranger

german shepherd meme welcome to my home
Photo from: Pinterest

These are memes of funny dogs, but GSDs are guard dogs, and fine guard dogs they are, indeed.

34. Bad Boys, Bad, Boys

german shepherd meme bad boys
Photo from: Pinterest

Another personal favorite. It goes right before the song ‘who let the dogs out?’

35. I Don’t Always… Part 2

german shepherd meme i dont always
Photo from: Pinterest

I don’t always eat human food, but when I do, I eat everything they give me and poop mud.

36. Vet Appointment

german shepherd meme the vet called
Photo from: pinimg.com

I told you they are smart dogs. They can answer phones.

37. German What?

german shepherd meme german shredder
Photo from: Pinterest

German Shredder. Need some paper to shred to pieces? Say no more.

38. Thanks, Mom…

german shepherd meme birthday
Photo from: kym-cdn.com

A dog can’t even eat nowadays without people clapping and lighting candles.

39. eBay User GSDsRulez

german shepherd meme ebay
Photo from: Pinterest

GSDs are intelligent proof No 3.

40. Happy Friyay

german shepherd meme friday
Photo from: Pinterest

And, we’re going to do everything we said we would when we have the time!

41. Herd Shep Herd

german shepherd meme shep herd
Photo from: germanshepherds.com

Bond who? The German Shepherd is the real 007 Agent!

42. Food Is Love

german shepherd meme when i dont get food
Photo from: Pinterest

Same, doggo, same…

43. Moms Rule!

german shepherd meme moms rule
Photo from: Pinterest

Oh, it’s daddy’s shoes. It’s OK then.

44. How Rude

german shepherd meme how rude
Photo from: Pinterest

The Doors were right all along — people are strange.

45. No Dogs On The Bed

german shepherd meme dogs on the bed
Photo from: Pinterest

Unless you are a super-cute GSD pup!

46. Cmaaawn…

german shepherd meme just one bite
Photo from: Pinterest

You can resist those puppy eyes?

47. Parent Meme

german shepherd meme dont make me come back there
Photo from: alphapaw.com

We’ve all been there.

48. New Alarm System

german shepherd meme new house alarm
Photo from: Pinterest

Can I pet your alarm system?

49. He did!

german shepherd meme he did
Photo from: pinimg.com

GSD & cat friendship does exist.

50. What, Cat?

german shepherd meme havent seen the cat
Photo from: pinimg.com

What did I tell you — besties!

51. Fast Boi

german shepherd meme gate
Photo from: pinimg.com

I wouldn’t test this.

52. I Dare You

german shepherd meme snowball
Photo from: Pinterest

I wouldn’t do this either…

53. We Love GSDs!

german shepherd meme barking
Photo from: Pinterest

Yes, they are amazing guards, but they are good dogs that love a good belly rub.

54. Awesome Help

german shepherd meme brush
Photo from: pinimg.com

And, they help us clean our home.

55. Head Scratches, Please

german shepherd meme scratches
Photo from: Pinterest

Puppy eyes mod activated!

To Sum It Up

Memes are the best! Whether it’s German Shepherd Memes or memes about the weather, there is nothing that cannot be funny when you turn it into a meme.

People share GSD memes on Pinterest, Facebook, and Tumblr whenever they can. And, for a reason — they are lighthearted, they are easy to understand, and they make our days brighter.

We hope we made your day a bit better. If nothing else, you got to look at 55 photos of German Shepherds, and that has to count for something.

They are gorgeous!