12 Dogs That Have No Idea What They’re Doing


Being a dog is harder than you might think. All that nap time, treats, barking at squirrels, following cars, going for walkies, and chasing tails is exhausting – No wonder dogs sometimes simply forget how to… dog.

Our tail-wagging buddies resemble felines: If I fits, I sits… and eats!

These moments, when the camera was on at the right time, are priceless.

Come and take a look at these pups who simply have no idea what they’re doing!

1. Corgi Down… I Repeat: Corgi Down

No, that’s not a loaf of bread, no matter how much it resembles one. It’s our fellow Corgi who forgot which way to dog. The existential crisis probably hit this pup so hard he thinks he’s a turtle.


2. Oh, That’s Where Huskies Come From!

What do you mean you don’t have a husky tree in your backyard? What kind of pups does your tree grow?


3. All Good Here!

Nothing to see here. Move along. I’m perfectly fine, and I can get out anytime I want. Can’t you see I’m chillin’?


4. Stahp It!

How can this be interesting to you? No, I won’t say “weee”! Now make it stahp, or I’ll use my nails as breaks!


5. Tell Me More…

Tell me more, hooman… I’m dying to hear all about your day. Is that stupid Karen still bothering you at work? Let’s talk about it over ice cream!


6. Right Where It Belongs!

Has anyone seen the remote? The game is almost on. Oh, nevermind! I’ll go find it myself. It’s probably stuck in the sofa, again! Why do I always have to look for stuff you guys lose?


7. The Improved Model

Did you hear Jane got a new dishwasher? Yeah, it’s brand new technology! No food leftovers on plates. It does everything for you, even licks the dishes dry! It must’ve cost a fortune.


8. Let There Be…Dogs!

Michelangelo would be jealous of this painting. The Creation of Dog – what a marvelous masterpiece! God said, “let there be dogs,” and here they are. Life without them would be just terrible.


9. A New Breed? Will The AKC Approve?

What Blackie never knew is he’s the product of forbidden love. Blackie’s mom never told him how crazy in love she was with Todd, the alien spider. All she got from that affair was this doggo, right here, to keep the memory of her first love alive.


10. Spooning

Everybody loves being the little spoon. Well, everyone but George. He really hates the way his brother’s breath smells in the morning. And his tight grip? Let me breathe, man!


11. Dobby? Is That You?

Master has given Dobby a sock. Dobby’s a free elf now. Ehem, a free dog! Do you think this pooch could star in a Harry Potter remake? Let them know we’ve found a new Dobby!


12. Be The Squirrel You Want To See…

There’s no way the squirrels will see through him. This German Shepherd has mastered the art of disguise to infiltrate the squirrel crew. The ears are probably going to give him away, though.