The Famed Bum Bounce Technique Helps This GSD Win Tug Of War VS 2 Goldies


Our dogs can sometimes be the funniest animals during the most basic of activities, especially during playtime where they try real hard to win.

This is particularly evident in games of tug-of-war as it makes them form the silliest of faces or exhibit the funniest behavior.

Such was the case in the video from Tiktokker thecrazydoggirl and her German Sheppie, Laura who desperately wanted to win in her own tug-of-war game against two golden retrievers.

The Legendary Bum Bounce

At the start, the three were locked in a stalemate, neither budging whatsoever.

But, thanks to the words of encouragement from thecrazydoggirl, Laura began to improvise with some interesting techniques.

german shepherds pull the rope
Source: tiktok

Laura’s Opening Act

She started gaining ground by digging her feet in and pushing herself away from her two competitors.

Though a clever plan and a great show of the GSD’s strength, in execution it just appeared like she was hopping and shaking her butt at the camera.

Definitely a chuckle-worthy performance by the big gal, and it’s made even funnier with the different camera angles.

german shepherds pulling the rope on the road
Source: tiktok

Laura’s more dignified angle

The End State

It all finishes off with a shot of that canine moneymaker being shaken up close.

Unfortunately, the result of the game ended up with one Golden Retriever dropping out of the contest.

This left the other two in yet another stalemate, but I’d judge that in favor of Laura for having to face the two of them in the first place.

two German shepherds pull on the rope while one howls
Source: tiktok

The Final Results.

However, it was all in good fun and it gave a good number of us a laugh. There’s a reason it went viral after all.

A lot of people will remember the exceptional twerking skills of Laura the German Shepherd.

Who knows, maybe that’s what caused the male Goldie to give up?


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