A German Shepherd Specializes In Helping With The Housework


As hopeless dog lovers, we all know how cool and smart our furry friends can be. Not to mention their impeccable loyalty and eagerness to please. But, what we don’t know is how far they can go with their brilliance! 

Baron, the male German Shepherd who was only twelve weeks when it entered the home of Linda and her son, Alexander, not only helps his owner nannying – but he does a lot more than that!

He’s a true superstar when it comes to daily chores. He wipes, cleans, switches the lights on and off, and still manages to have a good portion of goofing around with his loved ones.

Yup, that’s Baron. And, this is the rest of his story!

Linda Takes Credit For Raising Such An Impeccable Worker

a German shepherd helps a woman in the kitchen
Source: YouTube

Linda is a professional dog trainer who specializes in making true champions out of these four-legged beauties. But, even she was amazed by the fact that Baron showed outstanding results so fast.

“Baron is very smart. He catches on very quickly.”

She purchased Baron when he was only twelve weeks of age. At that time, her son, Alexander, was only two years of age. In the following two years, Linda has managed to train Baron to perfection.

Not only did he create a beautiful relationship with his housemates, but Baron went beyond that! He became a true household master in no time, helping his family with daily tasks and housework.

Baron Loves Helping With The Chores

It’s not something he’s pushed to do. It’s something he just adores doing! 

“I don’t push him too hard. We kind of just have a good time with everything that we do”, says Linda.

He’s eager to help in loading the dishwasher, wiping the windows, sweeping floors, dusting, mopping, loading and unloading the dryer, and many other things. Voluntarily, he even puts the toilet seat down when Alex forgets to do it.

Just by looking at all these things, we can all agree that Baron is not an ordinary dog. I mean – have you seen one sweeping floors before? I most certainly haven’t!

Alexander And Baron Have A Special Relationship

a german shepherd is playing with toys and a boy
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As much as Linda’s responsible for Barons’ brilliance, his favorite hooman in the world is Alexander. In a way, Baron has a natural parental instinct towards his baby boy, as he constantly looks after him, especially when they’re in public.

Alexander reciprocates, too, as he comes up with new, creative ideas of entertainment every day. And, Baron just loves that!

“I love Baron. He’s my best friend.”

Looking from the side, one would say that Baron and Alex are two tireless boys who have their own special world together.

Baron Is A Reliable Nanny

German shepherd is lying in the garden, the boy hugged him
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Needless to say – Baron never forgets that he’s a nanny in the first place! I mean, yeah, they can frolic around and play til dawn, but this German Shepherd does not forget his primary duties! 

He always takes care of Alexander, covering him with the blanket before bedtime and helping him with his own little assignments at home. He even looks after him in the back yard so he doesn’t hurt himself or fall. 

“Alexander and Baron have a very special relationship. They are joined at the hip.”

I can say with certainty that Baron is the finest example of a German Shepherd’s greatness. He’s devoted and loyal, but not too clingy. He’s obedient and eager to please, but he’s not pushing it! He always knows the perfect balance!

Baron Helps, But Also Protects

German shepherd lies on the floor while a boy hugs him
Source: YouTube

Last, but not least, Baron is a true guardian of the family! Whenever Linda and Alex go out in public, he makes sure they are protected. 

“He’s very loyal. I have no doubt that that dog would give his life for us if he had to.”

His eyes are always on Alex and Linda, which makes him a true family shepherd. All three of them live the best life together, having endless adventures and lots of fun in their loving home.