Izmir Mural Honors Proteo, The Mexican Rescue Dog Crushed By Rubble


A wonderful gesture has been made by the Izmir Municipality leadership, who decided to pay tribute to Proteo, the deceased Mexican rescue dog, by painting a mural in this Turkish city.

Proteo, the K9 German Shepherd, was fatally injured in a rescue mission, trying to save the lives of the people who were trapped in the rubble after a devastating earthquake that hit Southeastern Turkey.

This hard-working dog crossed thousands of miles with its rescue team from Mexico to help the people in Turkey, and his efforts won’t be forgotten by citizens of this country.

Proteo, a 9-Year-Old Rescue Canine, Saved 3 People After The Turkey Earthquake

Mexican rescue dog Proteo, who died on duty in earthquake-hit southern Turkiye, buried in Adiyaman
Source: Anadolu Agency

This nine-year-old canine saved three lives under the rubble of the Turkish city, Adiyaman. Proteo’s impeccable work ethics, and a lot of experience from the previous mission was of great help to his teammates in this particular rescue.

Proteo was formerly engaged in saving people after devastating quakes in Haiti, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Mexico. Proteo was known as one of the best rescue dogs in Mexico, which is why the rescue team decided to deploy him in the latest mission in Turkey.

He was about to turn ten years old in a couple of months, but unfortunately, this GSD ended his heroic journey in March of this year.

This Hero Dog Died In Adiyaman After A Building Collapse

This Hero Dog Died In Adiyaman After A Building Collapse
Source: San Luis Potosi

Sadly, Proteo didn’t make it after a building collapsed, and he was fatally injured during one of his rescue missions. Even though the official information is that Proteo died due to a landslide, his teammates say that the causes of his death are multiple.

“The cause of his death was not due to a landslide; the prevailing weather conditions in that country, as well as his age, mattered a lot.”

The medical team tried to revive him, but unsuccessfully. 

Proteo gave all in Turkey, for the people of Turkey, and this time, he spared no expense in doing so.

His Partner And Trainer, Carlos Villeda Masquez, Was Devastated

soldier writes has Proteo
Source: Expat Guide Turkey

Juan Carlos Villeda Masquez, Proteo’s handler, was extremely devastated after Proteo’s death. The two spent years together in rescue missions all over the world, creating a lifetime bond and a true partnership.

He paid tribute to his rescue buddy, recalling all the memories they created together. His teammates from Mexico did the same.

People All Over The World Paid Tribute To Proteo

People All Over The World Paid Tribute To Proteo
Photo from: Twitter

The story of Proteo, the hero-Mexican GSD, exploded in no time. People all over the world paid tribute to this rescue canine over social media platforms, emphasizing the importance of trained dogs in rescue missions.

People were praising Proteo on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram altogether, showing deepest gratitude and admiration for all this dog had done for the people of Turkey.

Proteo Got A Mural, A Statue, And A Video Game Tribute

Proteo didn’t only get the honorary mural in Izmir. One of the Istanbul municipalities decided to honor this Mexican dog with a statue, remembering his noble work, and keeping it as a symbol of kindness in what can only be called the worst of times.

On the other hand, Bahtiyar Ardin, the game developer from Turkey, decided to honor Proteo in an unusual, yet amazing way. He decided to include Proteo’s character in the game called “Death Relives”, and thus, immortalizing his acts.

This particular gesture, as well as many others, showed all the greatness of humanity in these hard times, but also that the human-dog bond will never be diminished.