Adopted Pit Bull Became A Hero After Saving A Boy With Seizures


How many times have you heard that Pit Bulls are nothing but blood-hungry dogs that need to be kept away from people? Unfortunately, their cruel history of being bred exclusively for blood sports has made them widely misperceived. 

Luckily, we have numerous cases of Pits being true heroes that prove those rumors wrong. Brutus, the abandoned Pit Bull from Tulsa, is a vivid example of a Pit being a true friend of humans.

This homeless canine saved his baby boy’s life after alarming his mom that the boy was having a seizure episode. A timely Brutus reaction back then is the reason why Jason is today, a healthy boy who lives the best childhood.

Brutus Was Abandoned When They First Found Him

a woman kisses a pit bull
Source: YouTube

Unfortunately, this brown doggo’s story begins in an abandoned back yard, where he was left by his first family. Brutus was extremely stressed out and scared when Melody, the volunteer of “Unchained OK”, found him.

“He was growly and barky.”

The organization immediately took him in and provided a refuge. They made sure the puppy got sufficient healthcare, as well as proper nutrition and hygiene. 

In what was less than a couple of weeks, Brutus started feeling better, which directly affected his eagerness to play and socialize.

It was then when this Pit Bull showed the first signs of his impeccable intelligence. He responded to socialization and obedience training excellently, and learned his first commands. It was clear – Brutus was a natural family dog!

Amber, Jason, And Brutus Were Meant To Be

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A woman named Amber adopted Brutus and welcomed him in the family. She had a little boy, Jason, who was just an infant back when Brutus first entered their home in Atoka. 

They immediately fell in love with this Pit Bull, even though the puppy still wasn’t fully adapted to its new environment. But, despite the short introduction, it took Brutus less than a week to show his greatness.

Brutus Saved Jason’s Life Without Any Previous Professional Training

Jason was only two when he had his very first seizure. At that time, Amber was sleeping in the other room and couldn’t hear anything.

Brutus instantly knew that something was wrong, so he ran into Amber’s room and started nudging her in the face and barking to wake her up. She was quite confused at first, but when she saw Brutus directing her to Jason’s room, she knew that something was wrong.

Luckily, Brutus’ reaction was timely, as she immediately called 9-1-1, and they managed to save Jason. After thorough medical checkups and analysis, Jason was diagnosed with seizure disorder.

His heroic story, though, doesn’t end there, as Brutus kept on helping his boy overcome seizures. In fact, the second time a seizure happened, Brutus anticipated it and grabbed Jason by his shirt collar to pull him up. He then barked until Amber came into the room.

The Bond Has Been Created

children enjoy riding in a buggy with a pit bull
Source: Unchain OK

From that very first seizure, a strong bond was created between Jason and Brutus. Not only did he keep on helping him with seizures, but he also started following him to school and back home. 

In a way, Brutus intuitively started acting protectively around Jason, which was really helpful for the whole family. 

“He’s in better hands with that Pit than with anybody.”

Brutus – A Certified Service And Therapy Dog

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Source: Unchain OK

Since Brutus’ ability to help Jason was a natural gift, as the dog itself wasn’t professionally trained, the family decided to expand on Brutus’ purpose. They subjected him to professional training in order to make a therapy and service dog out of him.

For almost two years, Brutus was helping in local hospitals and service centers as a therapy dog. Aside from Jason, this beautiful purpose of his helped dozens of people in Oklahoma.

In no time, this heroic dog became a favorite to numerous people with difficulties.

Brutus Ended Up As A Victim Of Animal Cruelty

Unfortunately, Brutus was brutally killed out of animal cruelty in front of his home. The information of his death was reported by the Unchained Oklahoma team. Brutus was found in two pools of blood after being brutally shot at his home in Atoka.

This horrific act was immediately reported to the police by Unchained OK, as Brutus was a certified service dog. Unfortunately, the perpetrators were not found.

There’s a positive side at the end of this bitter story, though. After hearing what happened to Brutus, and how devastated Jason was, a woman from the Atoka community gifted Jason with a new service dog named Aphrodite.

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Source: KTEN

The family was extremely happy, and thanked the whole community for this gesture. After losing his best friend in the world, Jason was given another chance to begin the journey with a new canine. 

You can watch the full video here.