17 Funny Dog Costumes To Play Dress Up With Your Pooch


Is it carnival time soon? Does your friend have a masquerade party? Are you looking for Halloween ideas, or are you just bored and you want to play dress up with your dog?

Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered! Here, you’ll find only the coolest dog costumes… nothing like you’ve seen before.

1. Busy As A Bee

A great costume choice for a dog that doesn’t stop buzzing around. 

dog wearing a bee costume standing in the house
Source: Etsy

2. Here’s Your Package!

What do you mean you haven’t ordered anything? I have a package full of kisses for you right here.

dog wearing ups costume and holding a package
Source: Etsy

3.  The Definition Of Hot Dog

Ever wondered where the term hot dog came from? Apparently, it was inspired by this costume! 

dog wearing hot dog costume looking funny
Source: Etsy 

4. The Real Red Lobster

You know, because your dog is your lobster. 

dog wearing red lobster costume looking funny
Source: Etsy

5. Paddington’s Cousin

Paddington Bear has a cousin: Paddington dog!

dog wearing paddington costume standing indors
Source: Etsy 

6. Let Me Sing You A Song Of My People

… and then the barking starts at 3 AM!

dog wearing guitar player costume
Source: Etsy

7.  Yee-Haw!

Ride ’em, cowboy! Giddy Up and let’s go!

dog wearing cowboy costume running outdoors
Source: Etsy 

8. Footstool Was A Dog, Too

When magic wore down in Beauty and the Beast, Footstool turned back into being a real dog.

dog wearing footstool costume standing on the carpet
Source: Etsy

9. Beauty And The Beast

Beast Dog > Beast from the movie anytime!

dog wearing the beast costume sitting on the floor
Source: Etsy

10.  Sherlock Bones

The best outfit to channel your dog’s inner investigator. 

dog wearing Sherlock Holmes costume lying on the carpet
Source: Etsy

11. Your Own Prince Charming

Your Prince Charming is waaay better than Cinderella’s!

dog wearing Prince Charming costume sitting outdoors
Source: Etsy

12. Harry Pawter

I bet your patronus is a dog!

dog wearing Harry Potter costume sitting on the grass
Source: Etsy

13. Ladies And Gentlemen, This Is Your Captain Speaking

Because every good boy wants to grow up to be a pilot.

dog wearing pilot costume sitting in the park
Source: Etsy

14. I Put A Spell On You

This is where the inspiration for the real Winifred Sanders came from.

dog wearing Winifred Sanderson costume posing for camera
Source: Etsy

15. Dogald Trump

He’s here to make America great again. You know… free of cats.

dog wearing Donald Trump costume looking funny
Source: Etsy

16. Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dum

So, which one is Tweedle Dee, and which is Dum?

two dogs wearing Tweedle Dum costume sitting indoors
Source: Etsy

17. Houston, We Have A Problem

This astronaut’s cuteness is out of this world!

dog wearing astronaut costume posing for camera
Source: Etsy