Scared Rescue Dog Has Never Felt The Touch Of A Loving Hand


How would you describe dogs? 

If someone asked me, I would say that they’re usually happy, eager to please, and affectionate creatures who adore humans.

So, seeing a dog that is deeply afraid of any human touch because someone probably abused him in the past completely breaks my heart. No dog should ever feel this way. 

Thankfully, for every bad person in the world, there are tens of thousands of good ones who do amazing things. 

When little Arnold was rescued, he was so terrified that he wouldn’t let anyone come near him. But, with the help of incredible people, he slowly learned how to trust and love all over again. This is his heartwarming comeback story.   

A Scared Little Dog 

little dog with man trying to approach
Photo from: Hope For Paws

No one knows what exactly happened to this poor little Chihuahua, but every time anyone would come near him or try to touch him, he would cry and run away. He was so terrified of everything and everyone; it was truly heartbreaking.

A kind family fed him for months, but every time they tried to pet him, he again cried. Any touch scared him very much. So, they called the rescue organization, Hope For Paws, for help. 

It wasn’t a simple rescue mission. The only way they could “pet him” was if they used a towel since he was so scared of a human hand. And, they were also scared he would bite them.  Yummy treats did help a bit, though. 

They decided to name him Arnold. 

“His previous owners betrayed his trust when they abandoned him. It’s possible he was also physically abused”, said his rescuers. 

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After ruling out a medical issue and providing Arnold with a nice warm bath, they took him to Foxy and the Hounds rescue that rehabilitates neglected, abandoned, and abused dogs, and those at risk of euthanasia. 

Dogs like Arnold don’t usually leave the shelters alive since they don’t have resources to provide the support system that a dog like him needs. 

Thankfully, one good woman named Teri Fox made it her mission to help this terrified pup.  

Learning To Love Again

woman cuddling with dog
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“The rescue called and told me he was very angry. They asked if I could help, and of course, I said, yes”, said Teri. 

Like many rescue dogs, Arnold was nervous, skittish, and scared at first. They all need time to decompress and get used to the new environment. 

Usually, dogs do a little turn around within the first week, but not Arnold. 

“Well, Arnold needed more time, and that was proving to be quite challenging. I couldn’t get within a couple of feet of Arnold without him wanting to bite me”, recounts Teri.

“He honestly could have sat in that state of mind for a year or two, and I just think no dog should ever live in that kind of fear.”

She was determined to show him that he was safe, and that she was not going to hurt him. But, even her presence seemed to be threatening to him. He needed to learn that human touch would not hurt him now. 

He was terrified and unsure of her hand at first, but after the initial shock of petting, he was able to relax a little bit and take a breath. 

“Though he didn’t like just love me right after, I knew the process. It takes a while. Any dog to gain trust takes time.”

A couple of days later, something incredible happened. When Teri walked inside the room, Arnold rolled over on his back, wagging his tail and waiting for a belly rub. What a beautiful moment it was. 

Soon, he was starting to approach Teri by himself and ask for attention. 

cute rescue dog
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It was hard work, but now Arnold gets to be a relaxed, social, and normal happy dog. He finally knows what love truly is. 

“We’ve come a long way… now he’s just very happy and comfy. And, he enjoys attention, love, and touch”, said Teri, with a lot of love in her voice. 

But, he was still a work in progress, and finding someone who believed in that process proved to be challenging until Teri got a message from one of her favorite Foxy adopters.

cute dogs sleeping under the blanket
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Arnold now lives happily with his new pawrents, Pam and Tyler, and his new siblings. 

“Arnold is by far the hardest rescue we have ever adopted; however, this little boy wants to love and be loved so very much, and every day, it gets better. We will spoil Arnold for the rest of his life and love him. We will NEVER abandon him or hurt him. He now lives the life of luxury!!”, Pam said. 

Enjoy your happy new life, Arnold… you certainly deserve it.