5 Activities To Make Your Dog A Part Of Your Easter Celebration


Hey, Milo, guess what! 

Ugh, what did she plan THIS time… Go on, I’m listening…

I feel like my dog silently judges me sometimes. He’s a Husky, after all, and they live in their own world. 

I gotta gather my thoughts quickly…

Now, where was I?

Oh, right! Milo, Easter is just around the corner! Do you know what that means? Mommy’s gonna put together a special Easter just for you. Isn’t that lovely?

Oh, great… Another hooman holiday. Wonder if there’s something in it for me this time…

You’ll get to meet the Easter Bunny, go egg hunting for special eggs, have a photoshoot, get presents… We’ll have so much fun this year! 

Are you ready for the ultimate doggy Easter celebration?

Wait… Did she say presents?

owner cuddle his dog while walking
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The Ultimate Egg Hunt

two dogs do easter egg hunt in the garden
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Okay, listen up, Milo! We gotta have an egg hunt this year. I heard the Poodle down the hall has one every year. Her owner thinks they’re both so fancy! Well, we’ll show them!

Our park is big enough for both of us. 

When I was a kid, my family always did the annual Easter Egg Hunt in our neighborhood. Oh, the amount of chocolate eggs I got! 

But, you can’t have chocolate eggs, Milo. Chocolate is bad for you. How many times do I have to tell you that?

Since you’re my family this year, I’m gonna make something special for you. 

You can have the Easter Egg Hunt, too! 

I saw some special plastic eggs online where you can hide dog treats. I heard only a couple of treats will be enough per egg. I’ve ordered a bunch and I’m going to hide them for you in your favorite part of the park, right next to that big oak tree. 

Also, I found these amazing bunny squeaky toys and I’m gonna hide them as well.

How about we invite your buddies over for the hunt? I’m pawsitive everyone’s gonna be super excited. But, of course, we won’t invite that snobbish Poodle.

What do you think, Milo? Wanna watch a cool video with me so you can get the idea of what an egg hunt is?

Photos For Memories

dog as easter bunny lying in a grass
Milo, I pawmise my Photoshop skills are better!
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Growing up, my family did a lot of photoshoots for every occasion. We had Christmas cards every year, special Valentine’s Day photoshoots, and, of course, Easter photos with the Easter Bunny. 

I loved it! 

I hope you’ll like it, too, because I want to start taking photos of you for each special holiday, starting with this Easter. 

I already have some fun Easter outfits planned for you, so please bear with me and don’t shake off those bunny ears.

What I wanna do is make a lovely Easter setup for photos. Maybe buy some of those big bunny decorations and make everything pastel colored. There are lots of ideas online, so I’m gonna spend the next few days putting everything together. 

We’re gonna have so much fun taking photos together. Let’s make it our own family tradition for each Easter!

Meeting The Easter Bunny

dog with easter bunny posing for photo
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Listen, Milo… I really hope you’ll be on your best behavior this Easter because I want you to meet someone special.

What do you think about meeting a real Easter Bunny?

I know, right! That’s so cool!

I heard there will be a meet-up near our place, so everyone can come and meet him. It’s okay if you’re not a kid. You’re my baby and you deserve to have fun as much as any other little one.

Meeting the bunny should be fun because all our buddies will be there, too. I hope for fantastic photos and an experience that will stay imprinted in your memory forever.

Putting Together An Easter Basket

dog lying beside easter basket indoors
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Of course, I can’t forget about your Easter basket. I’m so excited to put it together for you, and I know just what I’m getting. 

First off, treatos! I’ll get your favorite ones, and another bag with a new flavor for you to try. Yes, I know, Milo… chimken is your favorite.

Next, there will be chewy snacks for your teeth because I know you love them. 

I want to add some inedible things, too. So, a brand new collar in pastel spring colors will be there for you. Also, I’ve got this hilarious looking plush bunny that you’ll love! I bet he’ll be fantastic for all your nibbles. 

Maybe, if you are on your best behavior before Easter, I might throw in a few of those squeaky toys that you love and I hate so much. 

Imagine how much fun we’ll have unboxing your Easter basket together!

An Easter Picnic

dog and his owner on easter picnic in nature
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I really hope this year, we’ll have nice weather because I want to have a picnic outdoors with all our friends and family. 

Oh, it should be great! We’ll bring our Easter eggs, our favorite sweets, and maybe have tea with sandwiches. What do you think, Milo? Should we make homemade Easter treats for you pups, too? I think we should. 

We can play games together, catch frisbees, throw your pup ball, even play tug-o-war! 

I’m super excited for this picnic. I know it depends on the weather, but let’s just pray and hope for the best. 

So, Milo… are you excited for the best Easter ever?