17 Dogs That Are Derpy And Darn Proud Of It


Reddit is a true treasure trove of interesting content. You can dig and dig, and still won’t check out everything.

On my latest Reddit adventure (something I do when I can’t sleep at night), I found something rather interesting. Derpy dogs.

Well, technically, I didn’t find them, but I found a thread with tons of cool photos of dogs being derps. 

If you ask me, there’s nothing funnier than catching a dog doing something he doesn’t normally do.

From sleeping in funny positions to making funny faces and sitting like hoomans, here are 17 doggy derps that are proud of their behavior.

1. I’m Posing

Draw me like one of your French girls.

the dog sleeps on its back leaning on the sofa
Source: Reddit

2. Trying To Blend In

He spends way too much time with the cat. She’s trying to get him to the dark side. They have biscuits!

cute dog sitting on the carpet and looking at the camera
Source: Reddit

3. Am I Doing It Right?

Frank… Am I doing it right? Hey, Frank! Help a guy, would ya?

the dog is standing on the water tank
Source: Reddit

4. You Gotta Believe It

When you believe you’re invisible, you become invisible.

the dog hidden behind the curtain
Source: Reddit

5. Definitely Not A Morning Person

When you’re Mondaying so hard, you can’t face the world.

the dog is sitting on the carpet with a blanket over his head
Source: Reddit

6. Send Help

He forgot how to dog.

the dog is lying on the bed and nibbling his leg
Source: Reddit

7. I Took A Nap

When you wake up from a nap that was soooo good you don’t know the year you’re in.

a disheveled dog sits on a mat
Source: Reddit

8. That Face, Tho

That face when snow hits hard in April, but you were expecting bird chirps, sunshine, and daisies.

a dog with a distorted face runs in the snow
Source: Reddit

9. The Cutest Derp

If you’re wondering… this is how she looks 99% of the time: too cute and too derpy to handle!

the dog caresses the dog
Source: Reddit

10. Oh, Sweet Mother Of Cheesus

When you’re dieting hard and someone eats McDonald’s in front of you.

the dog sniffs the sandwich
Source: Reddit

11. A Decision He Regrets 

Don’t ask. Just… Just get me outta here. 

the dog is standing on the trampoline
Source: Reddit

12. Stupidity Level 9999

All he had to do was go around the glass door.

the dog chases the lizard
Source: Reddit

13. Nope, He’s Not Doing Doga

This is just how he sleeps. Regularly. 

a dog with its legs extended forward is sleeping
Source: Reddit

14. So Photogenic

When someone says cheese and you’re in instant posing mode.

the dog laughs with his teeth out
Source: Reddit

15. Talking Through Cups Is So Overrated

These two found a totally better way of communicating, so no one hears them.

two dogs are playing on the laminate
Source: Reddit

16. Please, Sir, Can I Have Some More?

This is how she begs for treats. 12/10 works every time.

the dog is sitting on the carpet with its tongue out
Source: Reddit

17. His Brain Is Working Like A Clock

Today is the day. Today he’s gonna figure out who’s a good boy. 

a dead dog is sitting on the couch
Source: Reddit

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