German Shepherd Checks Floor For Food Every Time He Hears ‘Oops’ 


Admit it, you haven’t heard a cooler dog name in a while. Heinz is a German Shepherd named after the ketchup brand. But, there’s nothing unusual about Heinz. He’s just a regular doggo who loves taking naps, playing outside, and most importantly – food!

Heinz’s love for food helped him reach his high level of popularity online. 

“He’s always been all about food, like most dogs,” Karyn Dietz, Heinz’s mom, told The Dodo. “Thankfully, he doesn’t hover too badly when [we’re] cooking, but often keeps a watchful and opportunistic eye on anyone eating, especially the kids.”

german shepherd with boy
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Every time there are people in the kitchen, Heinz would be on food patrol waiting for someone to drop a bit of food so he can take it.

What no one knew was that Heinz is always on duty, sticking his ears out and listening for more food scraps – even when he’s not in the kitchen!

One day, Karyn said the word “Oops!” while she was alone in the kitchen, and Heinz rushed in like crazy. He started checking out the floor, sniffing for food. That’s when Karyn figured things out.

Heinz is a German Shepherd, which is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world, and it didn’t take him long to figure out the connection between the said words and food scraps on the floor. He’s always ready to clean up the mess. 

The way he figured things out was just amazing. Karyn knew Heinz belonged to one of the most amazing breeds in the world, but this new trick just blew her out of the water. And the fact that it was at the same time hilarious was just precious!

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“I realized a few months ago that he is triggered to at least look up or to come check for food if I say ‘oops,’ ‘damnit’, or ‘shit’,” Dietz said. “He watches like a hawk when we eat popcorn.” 

Karyn even recorded Heinz on food patrol because everyone thinks it’s hilarious to watch him run for his life to get some food off the floor.

“I set him up for this video because what actually happened moments before was I legitimately said ‘oops,’ and he came bouldering down from upstairs,” Dietz said. 

The Dietz family will have to learn some new words or else stop dropping food. Heinz, the food policeman, is always on the lookout for extra portions! 

You can watch Heinz’s adventures here.