14 Adorable Photos Of Belgian Malinois Puppies That Will Make You Smile


Barking, playing, running around – all of these activities describe the everyday life of Belgian Malinois puppies.

If you have ever owned one, you know how adorable and naughty they can be.

If not, then through these pictures, you’ll see what life looks like with these adorable puppers!

#1 But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

This Belgian Malinois puppy prepared his best smile for the picture. It also looks like he’s quite good with taking selfies.

adorable belgian malinois taking a selfie
Source: Pinterest

#2 What Is The Meaning Of Doggo Life?

Staring off into the distance, thinking about what he will become when he grows up… This pooch is probably not thinking about these things, but he sure does look that way.

beautiful blue-eyed belgian malinois puppy
Source: Pinterest

#3 There’s Food In The Bowl?!

Such a happy face on this Mal puppy can mean only two things – it’s either feeding time or time to go outside.

small belgian malinois puppy sticking tongue out
Source: Pinterest

#4 A Bunch Of Happy Faces To Make Your Day

Who could resist these cute faces?

three belgian malinois puppies look into the camera
Source: Pinterest

#5 What Do You Mean I Can’t Chew Your Slippers?

I thought you wanted to get rid of them.

cute belgian malinois puppy
Source: Pinterest

#6 Fido, The Fluffy Pooch

Who could possibly think Belgian Malinois pups are not adorable?

belgian malinois puppy sitting

#7 Can I Get A Treat, Pwetty Pwease?

I’ve been a good boy, mom.

portrait of a belgian malinois puppy
Source: Pinterest

#8 Pssst, Puppies Sleeping

If a bunch of Mal puppies sleeping doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will.

a litter of belgian malinois puppies
Source: Pinterest

#9 The Bear Protector

Excuse me, hooman, but this Teddy bear is mine, so I’d prefer you stay away from it.

photo of a belgian malinois dog
Source: Reddit

#10 Adorable Things Come In Twos

I have to admit I could not choose between these two cute puppies, so I’d probably adopt them both, and I’m sure you would, too!

two cute belgian malinois puppies
Source: Reddit

#11 The Jokedog

Hooman, I’ve got a good one:

“Why do puppies leave trash everywhere they go?

Because they are part of a litter.”

girl holds belgian malinois puppy
Source: Reddit

#12 Then, He Said, “No More Food For You”…

…And my whole puppy world fell apart.

small belgian malinois puppy
Source: Reddit

#13 Goldipup Lay In The Second Dog Bed…

…And it was just right.

belgian malinois puppy sleeping in a dog bed
Source: Reddit

#14 You’re Welcome, Hooman

Don’t look at me like that… I was just trying to help!

belgian malinois after a pillow attack
Source: Reddit

Although they can be mischievous at times, Mal puppies will always make your day brighter!