Rescuers Dug Little Dog From The Rubble Only By Their Hands


After February 6th 2023, no Monday will ever be dull or tiring. From now on, we’ll all be happy to head back to work on Mondays and return to our routines. Because, some people have lost more than their routines. 

Lives disappeared within seconds. Some are still hanging by a thread. Some are, luckily, saved, but at what cost?

Casualties Like None Before

earthquake casualties
Source: YouTube screenshot

The terrifying earthquake that devastated Turkey and Syria with a high magnitude of 7.8 took more than we could imagine. No one was spared in the province of Kahramanmaraş. 

The total number of victims is hair-rising and has climbed to 20.000 at the moment. Material damage is irreparable. Whole neighborhoods and parts of cities were whipped off the map. 

The earthquakes that followed up left nothing but ruins and the desperate will to survive and find the survivors. 

Turkey lies on a seismically unstable ground. Different epicenters have appeared all over Turkey’s map. For the past twenty years, Turkey’s region had 16 notable earthquakes, but none of them was as critical as the latest one. 

Victims are still being dug up from the ruined buildings. Some have spent more than 88 hours trapped without any hope they will be rescued. Still, there are many more to be found.

Missions With A Bittersweet Success

rescue team saves dog from earthquake
Source: YouTube screenshot

The world has seen footage of baby Aya, mother and daughter rescued miraculously after so  many days trapped underneath, little Muhammad drinking water from the bottle cap…

Words can’t begin to describe the horror these poor creatures had to go through. 

But, as we dig for survivors of the human race, we must not forget about those that stand little to no chance under these circumstances. 

They have no thumbs to move through the wreckage. They have no strength to lift heavy building blocks. All they can do is whine, squeal, and bark so people can hear them. Assuming they still have the strength to make a peep.

Trapped. Scared. Stiff with fear running through his veins, neck deep into the ruins, a small white pup was fighting to survive. His name is Pamuk and he made it out of the rubble in Hatay Province, Turkey.

Digging For Pamuk’s Life

rescue team saves a dog
Source: YouTube screenshot

How can a dog pry his way out when he’s neck deep into ruins with no space to move? Wiggling his body out didn’t bring any success. With his head being the only free part of his body, Pamuk could do nothing but bark and let people know here’s there. He needs help. 

Pamuk didn’t panic when he saw people coming his way. He knew they would dig him out. While one of the rescuers was giving him water to drink from his palm, Pamuk felt relief. The misery would be over in no time.

The ruins and the hours spent underneath them did nothing to Pamuk’s beauty. This innocent soul with eyes glistening with hope waited patiently for the brave people to dig him up. To give him his life back.

As the rescuers in the city of Iskerendun dug with nothing but their hands, Pamuk waited calmly. He was such a good, brave little boy.

A Chance For A Happy End

dog rescued from earthquake casualties
Source: YouTube screenshot

The agony didn’t last for long. 

Pamuk was finally saved from the wreckage of the building in Hatay Province, Turkey, where he once lived with his family. Neighbors say that Pamuk’s owner is in hospital, recovering. Once he hears that his beloved buddy is safe and sound, miraculously rescued from the ruins, he’ll definitely recover even faster.

Pamuk’s rescue gave everyone hope that there might be a happy end. While this story is a bittersweet one, it’s still proof that helping hands can save the world. Because, one soul can mean the world to someone, and that’s maybe what Pamuk was to his owner.

Material loss is nothing to human victims. Buildings will be rebuilt, cities will rise again. And, with the help of good people, Pamuk and his family will have a home again. As long as they have each other, everything will be pawright.