Adorable Puppy Shares A Cute Moment With A Friendly Butterfly 


Raise your hand if you love seeing unusual animal friendships! Of course, you do! Everyone loves seeing two completely different animals building a friendship bond, and the cuteness level is even higher when it comes to bigger animals bonding with the tiny ones!

That’s precisely what happened to this pup who met a gorgeous friend. While their friendship might have been short, it was good while it lasted.
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Lucia Kohl Dalmolin from Mirim Doce, Brasil, contributed to the online collection of unusual buddies by posting a video featuring a little dog enjoying a sunny day out on the porch. The video wouldn’t have gone viral if it wasn’t for a unique someone passing by.

What can be seen next is probably the purest thing you’ll see all day. No, all week! 

A puppy enjoying his time with a random butterfly is not a thing you see on a regular basis!! We knew puppies were playful, but do butterflies share the same enthusiasm as dogs? You learn something new every day!

But, there is a story behind the butterfly visiting the little dog. 

Some insect species – most notably bees and moths – are known for drinking the tears from animals. This provides them with the necessary nutrients, such as salt. (1)

As this video was filmed in Mirim Doce, Brazil, where some of these species have been observed, this is likely the reason behind this peculiar behavior.

Be it as it is, we’ve got an awesome video, and the pup got the playdate of his life! 


1. H. Bazinger. Congregations of tear drinking bees at human eyes: Foraging strategies for an invaluable resource by Lisotrigona in Thailand (Apidae, Meliponini). Chiang Mai University, August 2008.