19 Adorable K-9 Puppies In Training For Pup Patrol Duty


They are furry, they are cute, and they are here to protect you. 

Don’t let their cuteness fool you… soon, they’ll be unstoppable K-9 officers ready to catch all the bad guys. With their powerful sense of smell, speed, and many other qualities, they’ll proudly help police solve crimes.   

But first, they need to pass the training for the thin blue line. Let’s meet some of those future K-9 officers that are training for pup patrol duty.

#1 Bulletproof Vest Fitting Day

This police officer in training is so small that the bulletproof vest doesn’t fit him well… just yet.

small gsd puppy wears vest for an adult k9 dog
Photo from: Brimfield Police Department

#2 Police Academy Got Me Like 

Sometimes, all you need is a little break from everything… I feel you, pup.

small k9 puppy taking a break
Photo from: ABC News

#3 Snoozing On The Job

These police puppies are so cute, it melts my heart. I wouldn’t mind being stopped by them.

k9 puppies snoozing on the job
Photo from: West Midlands Police

#4 Ready For The Job

Soon to be chief of police. 

cute k9 puppy stands on a police hat
Photo from: West Midlands Police

#5 Prospective K-9 Batman

Isn’t this the cutest picture ever? Look at those big paws… he will be a big boy for sure.

small gsd puppy in training to become k9
Photo from: Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog

#6 The Cutest K-9 Recruit

Queensland Police’s tiniest officer. If only they could stay like this forever…

portrait of a small gsd k9 dog
Photo from: Queensland Police

#7 I Wanna Be Like You

Little one just wants to be like the big-dog officer. Teaching them young is the key to success.

photo of a young and grown k9 dog
Photo from: NZ Herald

#8 Posing For The Fans

It’s important to look good while on duty.

portrait of a young german shepherd dog in training
Photo from: Pinterest

#9 – 911, What’s Your Emergency?  

We all know that the best place to rest is the hood of a police car.

young gsd puppy on the hood of apolice car
Photo from: Cambridgeshire Live

#10 Trying Out New Uniforms

Those uniforms fit like a glove, and they look absolutely adorable.

two gsd puppies trying on new uniforms
Photo from: Daily Mail

#11 If It Fits, I Sits

I may be tiny now, but soon I’ll have your back… until then, I chill.

German shepherd puppy in policeman's pocket
Photo from: Reddit

#12 New Cadet Alert 

Oh no… the first day is always the worst. Cuddles are also part of the job, by the way.

policeman holding a nervous k9 puppy
Photo from: Pinterest

#13 Ferocious, But Cute 

Let’s race for that Krispy Kreme. #donutlife

k9 puppies running
Photo from: @janedunnphotography

#14 Is It Fwiday Yet? 

Having a well-deserved rest. It’s not easy being the cutest K-9 officer.

tired k9 puppy rests on grass
Photo from: @janedunnphotography

#15 To Serve And Pawtect

Hello, officer Cutie-Pie. I don’t know what’s more adorable, his face, those ears, or that badge?

portrait of an adorable k9 puppy
Photo from: @k9revan

#16 Paw And Order 

Mr. Fluffy Boy reporting for duty.

fluffy k9 puppy reporting to duty
Photo from: Reddit

#17 Paw For Thought  

What kind of K9 officer are you today? Proud, shy, sleepy, or looking for some love?

k9 puppy moodboard
Photo from: @eesti_politseikoerad

#18 Fur Line Of Defense 

I think the Commissioner is smitten with the new officer. Can’t blame him, though.

photo of a policeman and german shepherd k9 puppy
Photo from: @aucklandpolice

#19 Bad Guys, Beware

This furry officer is ready to take those bad guys down with style.

german shepherd k9 puppy
Photo from: @ppak9org

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