A Retired K9 And Her Handler Reunite With Tears


No loyalty can compare to a dog’s loyalty. They love us unconditionally, put us in first place, and even risk their own life for us if needed. That’s exactly why dogs make perfect K9 officers. Due to their impeccable work ethics, they make up an unavoidable part of law enforcement.

The video of Wangwang, the former K9 dog from China, shows how strong the bond between police dogs and their handler can be. Years after she retired, she finally got to see her work buddy for a brief moment.

The whole reunion was captured by cameras, and they ended up in tears…

Wangwang – A Former Sniffer Dog

Wangwang is now a nine-year-old German Shepherd dog. She retired in 2019 after years of devoted service as a sniffer dog at security checkpoints in Henan province, central China.

Like all of her K9 buddies, Wangwang was an extremely trained and obedient police dog that had an outstanding work record. 

Still, as years go by, our furry heroes need a well-deserved rest, as they eventually lose strength and ability to perform such high-intensity tasks. So, after over half a decade in service, Wangwang retired, too.

After 2019, She Never Saw Her Handler Again

man playing with german shepherd
Photo from: dailystar.co.uk

Sadly, after being done with her service, Wangwang had to part ways with her handler. She was adopted by a different family, and has never seen him since. 

Since 2019, she has been a family dog with a simple, low-key life. 

The “Reunion Video” Went Viral

german shepherd playing with man
Photo from: dailystar.co.uk

One day, her former handler was patrolling in her neighborhood and decided to surprise her. 

As shown in the Xichuan Police’s Douyin account’s video – her handler called her by her name while he was standing in front of the back yard of her new home. It only took seconds for Wangwang to realize who was calling her.

She rushed out of the front door, straight into his arms. While he was petting her on her head, she laid down on the floor and let out what seemed to be a little cry. Not only did she not forget her handler, but it seems that Wangwang was really missing him.

The entire reunion was heartbreaking and emotional, revealing what relationships between police dogs and their owner are truly like.

We hope that this isn’t their last reunion, but a starting place to what’s gonna be a continued friendship outside the office.

Let this video be a small reminder to always cherish your relationships with your four-legged companions. Till next time, PupViners!