19 Funny Tweets That Show Life With Dogs Is Everything But Dull


Sorry, cat lovers, but you don’t win this game. 

Dog owners have fun, exciting lives… never dull for a second. All you’ve got are cuddles and zoomies. 

Okay, cuddles are cute, but has your cat ever kept you up all night or chewed on your remote? 

Our pups may be occasional destroyers, but we love them to pieces, especially when they do something incredibly funny. 

And, these 19 dogs prove that living with a canine brings nothing but fun.

1. A Proud Explorer

Nimmo loves pretending he’s an explorer. Well, lately, he hasn’t been pretending at all!


2. When A Dog Wants Something, A Dog Gets It

You clear on this, Petunia? There’s no such thing as too many toys. Ugh!

3. Did You  Know That Dogs Are Super Helpful?

They really are! This one is making his hooman’s life easier by doing the laundry. 

4. Hoomans Aren’t A Piece Of Cake, Either

They say living with dogs is tough. But, can you imagine living with a hooman who makes fun of your fashionable choices?

5. New Level Unlocked: Office Dogs

At least some people get to escape from their dogs and go to work. This Twitter user has to share his workspace with two Doxies, as if one wasn’t enough!

6.  Being A Dog Is Exhausting

This girl really needs to lay down after a long night of sleep.

7.  Some Pups Are Too Demanding

Chihuahuas are notoriously spoiled dogs. This lil’ buddy is enjoying a special bath just because he can.


8.  Take Care Of Your Belongings

Leeta, The Destroyer, will be after your slippers when you fall asleep. You’ve been warned.


9. You Think?

Good thing they all weren’t under one big blanket. 

10. And, They Say Dogs Aren’t THAT Expensive

Ask Lola’s owner and her 7656 chewed remote controllers.

11.  Some Dogs Really Need To Learn How To Share

Rosie is on a good path here, but she still needs to learn to share her space with the hoomans.

12. We Can’t Have Nice Things

And, he’s the only reason why.

13. Personal Space? What’s That?

Do you ever feel sorry for people who have to work from home? There’s no way they can escape the needy eyes of their canine coworkers. 

14. Don’t Be A Beggar

Mabel and her begging eyes. 🙄 No will always be a no, Mabel.

15. They’re Demanding Outside The House, Too

This dog is the Karen of all dogs, complaining about everything, everywhere.

16. Pulling An All Nighter

The hooman had no chance. At least he lets her sleep in later tomorrow.

17. You Know, You Didn’t Pay For That Chair?

It’s irrelevant. You shall not pass!

18. Can You BE Any More Annoying (Chandler Bing Style)

As a matter of fact, yes… yes we can! *grabs squeaky toys*

19. The End Of A Squeaky Toy

And, no culprit nearby… just the evidence.